I'm Drunk: Here's a Roger Ver Post

in steemit •  6 months ago

Let's face it,

Every community needs to have its memelord, and with us crypto folk, Roger Ver fits the part nicely.

I'm sorry for the BCash enthusiasts out there, I'm sure this post will make you rage, but each day I find more and more Roger Ver goodness.

It's the first time ever I'm posting on Steemit while drunk, so I felt like writing a shit post on this memelord.

Without further ado...


Here's the magnofantastical post I'm going to regret having published tomorrow!

Let's Start Strong!

Here! Have a pint and take a look at this!

Lololol... Priceless!

Isn't that just perfect... but wait, there's more!

This one is cool because he tried to "fire" the core BTC team by using his Bitcoin.com domain to,... oh shit, I'm that guy explaining the jokes...

This one explains itself... now, I'm waiting for one of his sock puppets to flag me and appear on the comments section :D

The answer might shock you...
Answer: No!

Wof Wof...
u do not know da wae to moon...

The only people who say BCash are the ones attacking me for holding the TRUE BITCOIN.

In Conclusion

No point... just memes and beer.


If you did, share it with 7 people or YOU WILL DIE OF AIDS!

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+1 also here a good video on Roger Ver BS

awhwhwhwhh.......a want a lambo.........
yes beer is the best, and making things on the internett is even better. :)
a think a take the aids. :P and Roger Ver is just out there. not full on crazy. but a will never listen to him.


I also want a lambo... mainly because the Lambo is the last thing Im gonna buy, and if I have one then I already have wedding, house, gadgets, all paid!


a was sure somebody told me u get the limbo before the wedding. :P


Smart man.
Work for the essentials before you purchase the luxuries.

I don't want to die of aids, i guess i'll resteem your post....


Nice choice!

That was a good one. Maybe you should consider posting all the time when a bit tipsy. Especially loved Hitler. Blessings.


Lol... I regret nothing!

What's the deal with bitcoin cash anyway.
Sounds like a rip-off of bitcoin


It's actually a BTC fork.

Have you done well as a Roger ver? Thank you for this publication, is bch sick of madness or is he in serious illness ........