Entitled People: Beggars Can't Be Choosers?

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Hello there,

I am an Internet Marketer as many people know... before I was one, I was a copywriter, and before that I was a designer.

Having that said, these jobs in which people:

  • "Only Draw";
  • "Only Write";


Are not really work, as some people think... LOL.

If you're an artist, musician, designer, writer or one of the professionals falling into this category, you know what I mean.

I have a lot of fun stories from back then, when people would come up to me and say:

"Hey man can you do a logo for my company?"

"Sure, it's $120"

"You mean I have to pay?"

And the classic:

"Hey man, do a logo and business card for my company, it'll look great on your portfolio and you can include it in your resumé".


Having this in mind, here's a post that proves Beggars CAN BE Choosers.


Humans These Days: Here Are Some Job Ads You Can Find!

So, scrolling through job ads these days is sick! If you're looking for a job right now, then you probably know what I mean.

Heck here in Portugal I once found a job opening for a supermarket that would pay in yogurts! LOL

International Job Sites aren't doing any better though... beggars can't be choosers... yeah, right!

Picky Mom Wants 24/7 Nanny for $0.68 per hour:

Do you want a $0.68 per hour job to be a nanny for two kids in TN for a picky mom?

Sounds like a great deal, I wonder how many applications she received...

Guy Wants to Get Paid to Allow Someone to Take Care of His Dog!

What is there not to like about this deal?

You get to take care of this guy's dog as he has no place for it, and in return you just need to pay a fee.


Couple Looking Out for a Friend:


This was posted in a Facebook Group and not on a job site, but still, pretty cool!

Again, these deals are getting better than better.

Video Game Maker Hiring: He Just Can't Do Games!


With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies?

Then things get more personal when you're not checking these amazing offers on a job site, but from friends.

Here's what I'm talking about:

A Bad Offer, But Tons of Applications:

If there are lots of people willing to take the offer, is it really a shitty offer?

Welp, I don't have a clue about one anymore as I heard she got the tattoo... but man, it seemed like one shitty ad to me.

FREE? It's Not Enough!

That piano is worth a bit, and it's free...

...but you want us to come get it? NONSENSE!

About 150 A4 Pages of Translation: $200


If it was me to do it on my copywriter job which I kinda stopped by not making enough to be happy with I would charge $2500... to give you context!

And that's it...

Entitled people are becoming increasingly common... who's to blame?



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Yes, I've always loved how people want you to do something you're really good at -- for them -- for nothing ... and then get all huffy when you don't fall all over yourself to oblige.

And for those who hear, "It'll give you all kinds of exposure and will look great on your resume," -- remember: people die of "exposure" -- all the time.


Trust me, I'm a doctor would fit well in this comment :D


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Lol this is hilarious. Never knew these existed.


Top Stuff!


... And with that, happy mother's day!

But yeah, those ads are hilarious. Thanks for lightening the mood :)


I live to serve...

What an amazing array of craziness you showcased here, Sir Max. And most will find someone to take up their 'super' offer.

This planet sure is entertaining. ;)


Thanks. I also enjoyed reading them myself, hence the share :D

Bwahahahaha all those ads cracked me up although I think someone would take the friend is a cute redhead offer hahahaha especially in Facebook.

In my job in HR for engagement activities management always asks me "so it doesn't costs us anything right? Since you are non revenue generating."

They expect me to run a fun program with prizes with no cost lol.


Yeap, that's how people are :D

Some funny stuff there, no question.

I think people were pretty well always like this. It’s just that you hear about these sorts of people a lot more now because social media give them a waaayyyy bigger voice than they ever would have had decades ago.


Maybe, those beggars are indeed people who aren't afraid to make their voices heard.


One thing I’m noticing about these sorts of people is they tend to be a small, but very verbal minority without shame. Sadly, that’s why we notice them more than we should.

Lol! Great post! Thanks.

I have to say for the babysitter situation is actually pretty normal. The way to look at it, is how much is the person making vs paying for a babysitter. I babysit and I get paid 15 a day and if its a long day then its 20. There is no possible way for someone to be paid by the hour, unless you are rich.
There are people here that charge $5/hr per child. That would mean I would have to dish out $15/hr for a babysitter when I only make $14. That person also doesn't babysit much.
Now babysitting and being a nanny are 2 different things. Babysitting just means taking care of the kids. Making sure they are fed, but doesn't mean they make the food. They do not clean, cook, bathe the kids etc.
A nanny will do much more. Which they get paid more because of.
Children are expensive little creatures.


Ah, as Im not a native english speaker, babysitter and nanny sounded the same for me.


Trust me I wish they were :P Much easier on the pocket and me if it were so lol

I think I died laughing with the options my translator helped me with, the guy they want to be paid to take care of their dog, has no limits, I don't have a dog, but maybe I can rent my son, so they take care of him and pay me lol... too much fun.


Yeap, really hilarious stuff.

Couple Looking Out for a Friend:

to good to be true yes it is....
fun to read.
when a whent to art scholl a sold a concrete
statue of Cartman from South Park the deal was he was pay fore the materials. it was 1900$ he did not get it at all. he payd in the end but it was intersting fore me as a poor art student at the time a did not ned a 100+ kg thing in my small flat. :)


xD I imagine not :D


a crafted 2 cartmans and one kenny.

Hahaha! This just made me laugh
This must be one of the most fun (not) marketing posts out there

By the way, I have loads of experience with hiring people (without paying them) for shoestring budget film projects. I often felt pretty crappy about that but I believe I usually offered them a lot more (fun) than most of these people seem to do and I was doing most of the work and tried to make things as less 'work' for them as possible.

Boa tarde!