Crypto Downs... Look at Those Hands: They're Strong!

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#Hello there people,

So throughout these last few weeks we've been seeing bloodbath after bloodbath in the Crypto World.

We knew this was going to be a hard year at least until the end of the Summer, but many of us weren't expecting it to be this bad.

...Sure, a drop on the beggining of the year.

But prices staying so low up to the summer seems a bit excessive, even for my taste and I'm bullish on Crypto.

However, this had some cool side effects... it shook weak hands off the game.

Goodbye Weak Hands:

If you remember back in the golden days of December 2017, everyone was a crypto expert and everyone was into crypto.

It was also the golden month for @haejin since he always predicts prices will rise and indeed they rose.

It's easy to predict in bull markets like that...

...however, just remember he predicted the price of SBD to be around $36. LOL

Changing topics to the weak hands one as it's what's this post is about, we have to see that now there is way less talk about crypto.

Searches for "bitcoin" are down and nobody has faith anymore.

This shook all those weak hands, and it also took those who didn't believe in crypto out of the game as well.

I have a close friend who was deep into crypto in December, and had portfolios in the 100s of thousands, and is now ALL OUT.

Says he's waiting for BTC to hit $6K to enter again... he believes in MONEY, not Crypto, so he was only into speculation... those guys are leaving.

Do You Believe in the Technology?

So, the question that everyone is asking themselves now is:

"- Do I Really Believe in this Technology?"

Heck, you guys know I'm heavilly into crypto and even I asked myself that question... the reason being because only people who believe blockchain, hasgraph, crypto etc... will be WORLD CHANGERS can stick around under these conditions.

The market isn't only bad... it is BORING! People are even quitting over it not going anywhere any time soon.

The same can be said for STEEM.

Even I'm Active Less: Why?

Well, I sometimes even posted twice per day and now my average isn't even a perfect 1 as I skip one day here and another day there...


Again, the market isn't only bad, it is boring! It doesn't seem to go anywhere, so it's hard to stay motivated to pump content and work hard when you have nothing to show for it and things are failing to improve...

...but you know what?

I'm still working, because I BELIEVE... if this is a failed project as the old timer economists say, then fine, but I believed in it so I'm proud to having supported it and worked on it this hard... and if it fails I have no doubt it isn't because the technology sucks, but because society turned against it.

Now, STEEM has a lot of inactivity going on...

...but why?

Well, I can speak about what I feel and only hope others are feeling the same as me, as that is solvable.

I'm bored of STEEM because:

  • The Sign Up Process.... STILL SUCKS!
  • There's no Hard Fork 20 STILL!
  • There's no SMT System!
  • There's no Communities System!

We have been promised a lot and saw nothing these last 6 months.

Heck, the last hard fork was supposed to be in December last year, and I'm seeing it will probably be December THIS YEAR.

What does grind my gears above all?

That these factors would add A LOT OF VALUE to the whole blockchain.

They would be the UNIVERSAL PANACEA to most if not all of our problems... they are big things that are GAME CHANGERS.

So, it's frustrating to wait for them day after day... after day

Tell me I'm not in this alone!

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So, I am not alone. Thoughts expressed in this post are mutual. I am in since December and have been adding to my portfolio since then. It's steadily building into a decent portfolio with a lot of my money in it.

I bought my latest bitcoin today in order to buy some promising alts. All my previous btc is invested in alts. I'll have to take some out. But there's a problem. I am in it not only for the money but also for the tech. I do believe in it and there's a lot of research that I am doing surrounding financial world. Blockchain and crypto is of course a part of it.

I do wish to get some money out when there's a bull run but I'd remain invested in a few projects for long term.

Your points about STEEM are also close to what I think. You know that. It's frustrating but let's hope for good timings.


No, you are not alone at all, look at me replying 3 days after the comment.

Never in my short steemit life would I anticipate that... this place has changed a lot for the worst unfortunately... only the next updates can save this... that or crypto high!

I feel you Bro!
As time goes by, I see more and more people leaving their blogs to dust, not posting for months, we even created a project to estimulate all the autors in the Portuguese language, but a lot of them are leaving also. It makes me sad to see this happening, Steemit has so much potencial and yet, it can take off because of all the things you said here. (specially the Sign Up Process)
I belive a lot in the blockchain tecnology, I try my best to tell people that Steemit is the place to make great friends, talk about anything, build projects, and the money is just a consequence, but most people are here just for the reward...
But I´m with you bro! I won´t leave! I´ll post everyday, started posting on Dtube also, soon I´ll do some Dsound! Never retreat, never surrender!
Let´s fill the BC wth good content! If it´s a falied project, at least we did our best, and years from now somebody will look into this BC and say "Hey, this guys were good!"
Good luck on the operation steem wedding!
Sending some help your way!


Hey man, wise words!

Also, thanks for the wedding gift bro, will make sure to add it to my signature, it is very much appreciated.

Are you a Portuguese as well?



My pleasure to help in your wedding, I´m sure you will get the target!
I´m from Brazil, but we are uniting all the portuguese speaking community (Brazil, Portugal and Angola so far)


They look like big, strong hands; and yet, they couldn't hodl.


😂😂😂 You win the internet today.


It's indeed a neverending story.
Awesome reference. One of my favorite movies as a kid :>)


Lovely Reply xD

HF20 isn't until December now? BAH.
I try to be active, but sometimes my feed is so slow, and venturing onto trending feeds is half crap, I was literally looking for decent content to vote and comment on that interested me. I'm sure there was plenty that I just didn't come across, but usually it's a matter of "so much good content, so little voting power." With all these people jumping ship, it was "I'm dropping 100% on stuff just to use my VP." Not that my voting power is much, but really, it's been crickets!


Sell your votes when above 90% and you have your problem solved.

Lol, I haven’t looked at my portfolio for weeks. I don’t even know where I stand. Fortunately I got into crypto just before the big rush, so I do know I’ve still got a buffer zone.

I do believe in the technology - I think it’s just a matter of time before blockchain uses will be more important than the speculative investment possibilities we have seen in the past.

And about SteemIt...
I don’t get the postponing, because what you say is true: a whole lot of value could be added to the blockchain.
But it’s out of our power, so I guess we’ve got to go with what we’ve got...


I bet they are waiting for the next BTC bull run so they can say the price of STEEM is increasing because of their updates...


Lol. Whatever keeps them motivated ... ;0)

It would - in a way - make sense to add value when the market prices are going up instead of down...

Boa tarde,

My hands are strong enough and getting stronger daily.
It must be because of all the typing that I'm doing ;>)

Valid points here meu irmão

oo my cold wallet is super cold and happy where it is. this my bitcone a dot relay care where its is these year but a would wish my alts are doing better but its all one cone atm them market is acting like one. but just holding am not selling on a loss or if a do its going to be almost 0 a invest not more then a can lose. no problem lest see in 5 years. a say.


5 years? But Im getting married in 1 year :P


seriously max? getting married this year? wow

I hear you and I have to say, that I somehow stopped waiting. Nearly all blockchain projects move much slower in their development than expected and I stopped believing in timelines at all.
Since then, my life got much easier. If SMTs will only be out next year, so be it.
To be honest, it is maybe not so bad, because to launch something revolutionary in a general downward trend of the market, wouldn't be so wise anyway.
Better to wait for the next bull run end of the year and launch then to profit from it.


But But.... But I need the bull runs right now xD


Sure, we all do. In the meantime we have lots of time to practice the art of stillness. 😀

Can't wait until I have more fiat to invest!

The sign up process does suck. So many times people missed the e-mail because it went into junk, but e-mail apps don;t even show all the junk in your junk mail folder, so, unless people log in with a computer, they often "never got the e-mail" and think it's a scam/unprofessional from day 1... Super hard to get motivated again after that experience, and not being able to try to sign up again using the same phone # once they realize what happened, turns people off permanently


Agree, and that's a problem that, in my point of view, shouldn't be so hard to fix.

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I still have faith in this technology! It will rise, Today or Tomorrow but it will! Because it is the future!

hi @spiritualmax

It seem that you're very dissapointed with steem. My impression is similar. They promise a lot and deliver very little.

Let me suggest something that may help your readers a lot. You should justify your posts.

The difference will be huge. Just like on picture below:

You can find it explained quite well here:

Post is already a bit to old to upvote :(

Yours, Piotr


hi again @spiritualmax

Just checked your profile just to realize that we seem to share a number of interests :)

In particular that we both share a similar passion towards cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology :)

I will follow you closely :) Take care, Piotr


Thank you sir..