Come Spend a Couple Hours With Me: Streaming Monday - 11 EDT (GMT+1 - 4 PM)

in steemit •  5 months ago

Hello there,

Are you guys missing me already?

(A young me on my Twitch Streaming Carreer :P)

I took a little break out of Steem, but I've returned yesterday. I spent the day reading all about what I've been missing and today I did the same thing.

Whoa, a lot happened, but as far as prices and tokens are concerned, everything is moving on an horizontal trend and there's not much to say.

However, in my offline life a lot changed as well, stuff went to the better side.

Want to talk to me in real-time?

How about being able to ask me anything or just have a little bit of chit-chat in real-time.

You can spend a couple of hours with me at 4 PM London time, or 11am EDT (Washington DC Time).

Giving DLive a Chance:

I'm going to give @dlive a chance and I'm going to have a little gaming session Monday.

I'll probably play a bit of DOTA 2 and after that a little bit of Banished.

I'm also going to discuss STEEM, SBD, my guides and more with anyone who wants to pop in to the stream and talk to me.

I think it will either be hugely monotonous or hugely fun, depends on the people who'll join me...

Will you?

Gifts: Anonymous Donor - 5 SBD | @foxyspirit - 3 SBD | @bluntsmasha - 1.1 SBD | @glenalbrethsen | @fireguardian - 7 SBD
Have to Cash Out: 351 STEEM
Cashed Out: 1260 USD
Total Wedding Cost: 20,000 USD

Still Missing: 18,740 USD

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Will try to tune in, you will be streaming on Dlive?

Hey Max, good to see you back! I was just thinking about you the other day and replied to one of your old posts to let you know you were missed! I read you are doing some other things until Steem can support you and that makes a lot of sense. Anyways, just wanted to say hello and glad to see you posted again!

Hey, good to see you again. I am happy that you have been focusing on your life offline. It is so very important.
How have you been? How has the wedding planning going? I'm curious :)

It's been a while Rukka! I've been MIA as well! hahahha boom!