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RE: Successful #1 India Steemit Accelerator and Steem Cryptocurrency Meetup 2017!

in #steemit4 years ago

HEY, that was one successful SteemIt Presentation done by @firepower , Kudos to him for getting all of us together and sharing his knowledge over this platform.

And what a full filled turn out it was indeed.

I had gotten introduced to SteemIt back in July by @firepower and not joining back then is the only regret i have, so to speak. But its better late than never. So NO RAGRET ( We Are The Miller reference :P )

Feels good to be one of the first few on the platform from this part of the country.

So for me, this is a beginning of something awesome. Looking forward to this Journey and to be a part of something big in the works.



Hello there!

Your next door neighbor is here as well.

Glad to see you here.

Looking forward to make more steeems!!


Thanks dude! Glad you are here now! :)

i'm glad as well :)