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Hi Dear Steemit Family. Now I wanna talk about Dlive. Dlive is first of world cyrpto currency Streaming Platform. This platform born by steemit times. Now it is working on own platform.


What can you do in this Platform?

You can make stream and earn lino coin on this platform. You can watch stream and earn lino coin in this platform. You can lock your lino coins and earn lino coin again in this platform. Everytime Stream Controllers are coming and making donation in this platform. You can be Partner of Dlive or Global Partner of Dlive. This mean you can earn too much in this platform.


How can you join in this platform?

Dlive is working with Lino Network. First of all you must be open new account. I will give the link under the this text end. You are opening new lino account and going to Dlive.Tv and your lino account as same as Dlive account. Lino is your wallet, Dlive is your Streaming Area. İt is working together.

Here the for new lino account link:



This is my Dlive account and I have 25 K lino just in 3 month. You can earn it too like me. İf you will come this platform please follow me :)

My Profile link: https://dlive.tv/Spawn

İf you wanna ask anything about Dlive here the my Discord link: https://discord.gg/qU5URJf

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Hey @spawn09, great post! I enjoyed your content. Keep up the good work! It's always nice to see good content here on Steemit! :)

Thanks @sisirhasan

Isn't the this still in testnet? This probably won't get real traction until it goes live.

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İt will be go live on cyrpto finance sites. You can take money on lino wallet. 2000 lino 180 Turkish lira now.

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