A drawing gift for the must popular curator here on steem blockchain @thejohalfiles

in steemit •  6 months ago

Hello guys i always draw portraits as a gift but this time it was hard to find @thejohalfiles personal picture because there's no personal picture for @thejohalfiles that's why i decided to draw something @thejohalfiles love the must as a gift for supporting and contributing on steem blockchain.
This is Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat a masterpiece in the world of motors.
So hope @thejohalfiles love this drawing i mixed between the hellcat logo and the design itself.

All the drawings, photographs, writings and thoughts on this blog are my original work if you like it and to support my artistic works UPVOTE,RESTEEM And FOLLOW these simple things will help me too much to build my own studio and my career.

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Less for you but much for me


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