[Steemit Update] You can now vote on witnesses who are outside the TOP 50

in #steemit5 years ago (edited)

I recently submitted a pull request to Steemit.com allowing you to vote for witnesses who are not in the TOP 50.

It's now live at https://steemit.com/~witnesses (scroll to the bottom).

This means you can now vote for people like myself, who are not in the top 50, without using CLI_WALLET. Check out my Witness thread: https://steemit.com/witness-category/@someguy123/someguy123-witness-thread#

Check out more updates that just happened to Steemit at @jesta's thread: https://steemit.com/steemit/@jesta/now-you-can-see-who-you-re-following-and-who-is-following-you


great job @someguy123!!!

This is sounds great @someguy123. It should create a more equal opportunity for everyone below fifty (50) myself included as witnesses. But I will vote and share for you on account of your effort to improve SteemIt paltform, etc. 👏👏👏

i am new to steem. what are witnesses actually..

Witnesses play a vital part in the operation of STEEM. Similar to miners.

They handle account creation (i.e. how you get the username @techguru), the price of SBD (steem dollars), are a part of the mining process (but not entirely), and much much more. Only the top 21 voted witnesses actually do anything, the others serve as backups. (thus why votes are so important)

A random witness (amongst the witnesses with the most votes but not within the top 21) is also chosen each turn to produce a block, these not top 21 witnesses also take part in the votes for a hardfork. So while they are mainly backups, they still participate in signing blocks from time to time.
Witnesses are not miners but miners are witnesses. As a miner, when you found a block, you get a ticket to become a witness for one block/one turn.

Does this mean that if I now would start mining it, I could vote for myself as witness, and if I ask my followers to vote for me I could get in the delegate group and receive mining rewards?

I am not too tech-savvy so haven't touched mining since I tried it for 3 days at the start but then gave up cause it felt like my CPU was crying. :P

I'm not entirely sure how the mining rewards work. But you could potentially go up in the witness ranks, as long as you proved yourself to be trustworthy and reliable.

Previously only other witnesses/miners would vote you, since most people don't use the cli_wallet (at least not anymore).

I remember that I have voted for a lot of witnesses, and it wasn't through the cli client, it was on steemit, but I don't remember the name or link to it.