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We have about 7.7 billion people in the world according to the most recent United Nations estimates elaborated by World-meters and over 80% of the world's population use Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram.....But not all understand how these companies operates (how they manipulate and utilize individuals data).

Facebook for instance which was founded by Mark Zukerberg is one of the most popular social Networks that make million of dollars from her subscribers. How does he make his money? You should know that he makes his money through his subscribers of which you are not exempted. It is ignorant on your part if you are not aware that you are suppose to be paid for your data (videos, pictures,write ups....) you create everyday.

All of the above put together are the reasons Vid took it as a responsibility to make sure that subscribers make huge benefits from Social Networks.

It is high time we start making huge profits from our data. Let see what you enjoy when you become Vid's User:

Vid is a platform where you can professionally edit your videos and these videos brings huge benefit for you-you get paid for it. So many people have been discouraged creating videos through their phones because of its low quality. As a result, they are discouraged from posting it on the internet. The beauty of using Vid is that it does not only edit your videos but you are paid for it because it is for you and you should be paid for what you have created.

This video editing technology- VIBE Screen is is very reliable because a lot of technological intelligence have been put together to make it work. All you have to do is to create the video, download it on the app and by one click of a button, the video will automatically edit itself to become professional. One of the added technology for your video editing is that you can choose any music of your choice for the background.

Another benefit of Vid is that it has good data storage capacity. In effect, it will help you keep memory of all your life events-your vacations, school days, good time with friends, travelling experiences, good moments with spouse, with family members...All you need to do is to create these videos at the specific time on Vid platform and all your details will be secured and you can get them anytime you want without any lost.

Furthermore, Vid pays you for using the app. Aside paying you for your data which you have created, you are also paid for using Vid's app. You automatically become part of Vid's ecosystem by downloading the app hence creating an opportunity for you to creating more data for profits.

Just as mentioned earlier, the app enables you to create quality and professional videos. In addition, Vid don't touch your funds and there are no form of manipulation. Vid believes that you should be paid for what you have laboured for unlike other social medias.

Lastly, Vid makes you understand a good social network-how you can use your social networks more effectively. By using the Vid's app, you will be educated on how to make benefits from your data. This is a decision you have to make.

You can choose to be ignorant and be among others who are being extorted or choose to be enlighted and be among those who are already flying in wealth using the App.



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