you mean quit communicating again ??

No, I meant quit for good. @ned (CEO) not showing up for his scheduled post and new account creation has stopped with no word from Steemit Inc in a while. I was just under the impression that they have totally quit and shut down. I was just waiting for Steemit to stop functioning too.

i wouldn't be surprised with their track record... let's be honest

Well, it is a pleasant surprise to see a post from @steemitblog that they are moving towards a goal.

I'm pretty sure we are less than a month away from @ned not having to quit, I suspect his termination announcement is imminent and a big surprise is coming, if there is any truth to rumors I am hearing tossed around, which I won't be elaborating on here just yet since they are just rumors after all.

@socky i fully expect steemit to stop functioning any day now too