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RE: Campaign to get SBD listed on Binance

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I'm glad you asked

There are no major multilingual exchanges that trade SBD. This means for the Steemit users, there are no exchanges for them if they don't read English or Korean. Where do they to take their SBD earnings?

We can trade SBD on Steemit Market but there are issues with that.


  • The internal market has retarded low volume.
  • The internal market is going to be screwed if the volume grows since it runs at the speed of STEEM transactions
  • Often times you don't get a fair price since it is not trading with other coins and retarded low volume
  • There are no other coins to trade with
  • No large transactions will work on the internal market as the volume is stupid low.
  • No multilingual options

I propose that someone creates an exchange that accomplishes what the internal market does with internal virtual trading like other exchanges use. That will fix the transaction speed issue. They also need to include other currencies and give multilingual options. Let's open this up to the rest of the world. German, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese just to list a few.


Simply get SBD listed on Binance

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