You Support Them, Will They Support You?

in steemit •  5 months ago

I've tried to distance myself from "cliques." just the name implies something that makes me uncomfortable. Then when we join a new site or community, we are always encouraged to join in and try to let us be known through other communities and groups that have formed. Often to the outsider they are complicated and even if you join and participate, those before you often make you feel like an outsider.
At first you were so happy for that invite, and afterwards you wonder if they remembered they had invited you in the first place... well they did, they just didn't tell you they want to expand their membership, cause it makes them look good.
When you come in on the backend, the cliques have been formed and it's hard to break through the bonds that have already been formed. I can understand those on the inside looking out, they were there first, and you, well you are a nobody. You have to do something to make them notice you. you have become a dog and pony show, and if they don't like it, you have to find a new act.

Well some don't have a new act, some don't even have an act, they joined in hope of being accepted into a community and hoped for the best. Well, sometimes that doesn't happen. Yea, they may mention you, but when it comes right down to it, they know you are there, but don't care.

They give you a sense of community, hey let's all support one another, but they don't. They do support their little clique, one you hope you can break into some day. Empty words, sent out for support for some, and when that support is given, it isn't reciprocated. I know, it sucks, You show up for the meetings, yet they don't see you at the back of the room, but REMIND YOU to support the "group" who forget you were there to support them.
It isn't anything new, it's just something that shouldn't be. DON'T Tell Me to Support Someone That Doesn't take a Minute to Support Me. We try to fit in, empty words is something we don't need.
I'm Skip, you don't have to like me, even if I may like You!

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