Something really nice is happened thanks to steemit!

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Steemit is really a fantastic platform! I'm not talking about what we can earn here (sure, this is an important thing ^_^), I'm talking about how steemit can connect each other in a very special way!

I'm so excited, I have to explain why I'm so excited!

About 1 year ago, I published here on steemit this content, titled "Poems down the streets". It was about my surprise to see some sheets of paper  along the street in my city (Pistoia, Italy) where everyone could read some poems written by an anonymous poet who used the nickname "Lo stendiverso mio".

It's was really nice to read that poems on the squares and on the streets (the sheets of paper was attached to some poles using twine) and so I shared with you that awesome exprerience.

Just a couple of hour ago, I received a friendship request on facebook by an user that had some friends of mine. I accepted the request imediatly, because watching his dashboard I saw that he share my post about that poems down the streets! He shared my steemit post because he's the poet who wrote that poems!

It was fantastic! He is a "wandering poet" and so he share in a very creative ways his poems in different city of Italy. You can see some of his "poetic actions" here and here.

It was a sort of circle: I saw his poem in my city, I posted my experience here and after one year the poet read my content on steemit and share it! Fantastic!

I wish you a good night!

See ya tomorrow


silvia beneforti
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Top notch, get him to join!! :0)


I think he could be an interesting steemian and every poet needs to earn something to improve his balance ;)


They do, they so very do!

Cool Silvia!! Does he have a steemit account yet? create one before the hardfork!


He doesn't have a steemit account (at now), but I hope he'll decided to be here soon ;)


He will when he see more of yours😁😁
Be well and so with Paolo.

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Finally it became full circle for you like a good omen 😊

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Yes, @silviabeneforti , that is a nice story. Thank you for sharing it. It made my day. I used to write poems a lot but I have been so busy I guess I don't make the time to be creative. I love steemit for all kinds of reasons and I need to be here more. Thanks again.

Wow that is a beautiful coincidence!! the world is smalls sometimes