Some awesome people that I met at the steemfest!(just a small part of the steemians that I met)

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Good morning!!! After the funny, great, super experience at the SteemFest2 in Lisbon, now we are at home and I'm watching all the pics in my camera and in my phone. So many nice places, so many nice people I met!!!

To meet "in real" people that I follow since I started to blog here it was fantastic! In tis moment I'm with my daughter @noemilunastorta and I'm talking to her about how many steemians I met there and she say "Wow!!!" and "Wowowowo!!" ^_^

At first I want to say a big THANKS to the super @roelandp ! In the past I partecipated to some conferences and meetings, but I've never seen a super event like this! Everything was fantastic! Locations, talks, the hotels, the food (how many taste food! I have to say that we eat so much in these days ^_^), the team, everything was super!

The first person that we met there was @steevc , really an awesome guy and a great player of guitar (and ukulele too ^_^)! Everyone here knows him, but if you missed his blog, I invite you to follow him because he's really a nice person!

The second person that we met was the fantastic @mammasitta ! So special and beatiful person she is! She give me so many positive vibes and believe me, when you're close to her, everything seems to have a strong energy!

She gave us a sweet (and very tasty!) gift from the Steemit Vienna. There wals also another cookies, but I eat it before to take the pic :P


We did also a really funny gif thanks a special camera in the locations! (You can watch all the funny gifs of steamians here)

I also took a pic with my favorite food blogger @gringalicious ! She's so pretty and I love so much her photos of food!!

There were so many people there from all over the worls and it was a great plesure for me to see the faces behind the nicknames!!

I took the following pics during the second day and you can see some steemians from Korea (the traditional dress is simply fantastic!), @sirwinchester , @soldier and @mrs.steemit !

Well, it's all for now!

See ya later


silvia beneforti
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❤️❤️❤️and more ❤️❤️❤️!!!
I just discovered your super sweet article and already thinking how could I come to Italy soon.
All went so fast and now I am back in cold Vienna. Just landed a while ago and no mood to get out of bed for a day or 2. Hahha!


We wait you in Italy, dear Silvie!
I agree with you, all went so fast! Here it's cold and it's raining hard, I'm feeling in the right mood to stay in my bed for one week :D A warm warm hugs to you from both of us!!! ❤️❤️❤️


OMG We both look like a blue chesterfield advertising hahah @silviabeneforti


ahahah you're right :P

Waw... yay😄 you all look amazing. @mammasitta and @steevc are very interesting people..haha. glad you had a nice time.


I missed YOU!!!!


Haha... I missed you more my friend. Hope you are back to your home. Am glad steemfest was a success and you enjoyed every bit.🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗


I totally agree with you, they are really interesting people ^_^

So nice to see those wonderful pictures Silvia. What a wonderful community we have here on Steemit.


Yes, Arthur, we have a wonderful community here on Steemit! People so different and so similar at the same time, fantastic!

I'm loving all the pictures people are sharing. I'd suggest you use the #steemfest tag so more people find this post


I'm trying to add the tag, but everytime steemit give me an error :( Argh, I'll try again later.


You may have to remove one of the others. I think the steemit experience could still get smoother


So so so good to meet you finally ! Yeah!!!

I mEeT Them.

@noemilunastorta è la vostra figlia???? L'adoro!!!! Steemit Family wow 😃😃Era un piacere caraaa


Appena siamo arrivati a casa le ho fatto vedere le foto e le abbiamo raccontato della Steemfest, mentre lei continuva a dire "Vi invidio - vi invidio - vi invidio" :D E' stato un piacere enorme conoscerti, anche se per pochi minuti e con la musica alta, è stato veramente bello far due chiacchiere in italiano :D


Eh eh lo capisco !!! :D
Infatti, era poco e si, musica alta etc etc ma meglio che niente comunque! Siete due artisti meravigliosi e poi come mi manca l'italianoooo - non potrei mai abituarmi col danese... :/
Baci da Copenaghen - e i nostri 2 gradi oggi...pfff

I am a wonderful photographer


good to know :D


We can talk on Facebook

It was nice meeting you guys face to face @silviabeneforti


It was really a pleasure for us!!! ^_^

Fantastico!!! Che bella esperienza!


Veramente incredibile! Devo dire che è stata anche migliore di quello che mi aspettavo! Non solo è stato bellissimo conoscere "dal vivo" tanti steemians che già seguivo o che ho conosciuto direttamente lì, ma l'organizzazione dell'evento è stata stupenda! Mai visto prima un drone (anzi, due droni) che svolazzano a far foto ai partecipanti ad un ciclo di conferenze :D

Some awesome people that I met at the steemfest .......... thanks from new comer to share your golden memoir in a picture shape. Cool keep it up


You're welcome ^_^

Wanna go there so much!!😭 Will make it next year😍😍😍😍

What a fantastic fest!

I REALLY loved that photo you had of @roelandp and Vincent!

What great guys and a truly life filled photo of beauty.


It was really a great event, wow!!! I took that photo at the Lx Factory, I watched Roeland and Vincent in realx and I can't resist! :D
It was really great to meet you, I loved your talk in the second day of conference! ^_^


Yes they are wonderful men!

I am so glad you enjoyed my presentation. I hope to share a lot more over this year here on Steemit!

Hope to see you around~*~