How To Get Byteball Bytes Free Airdrop - Full Tutorial for Steem Users

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Hello Steemians!

In case you missed it, there's a FREE airdrop for Steem users!

Byteball Bytes are rewarding you with free coins, which depends on your reputation in Steem, and here's a full tutorial on how to redeem yours.

(This is a limited time offer so make sure to get yours as soon as possible!) Check out Byteball price

Rewards based on Steem reputation

Reputation 30 or above: Get a $10 reward

Reputation 40 or above: Get a $20 reward

Reputation 50 or above: Get a $40 reward

Reputation 60 or above: Get an $80 reward

Reputation 70 or above: Get a $160 reward

Half of the reward will be immediately available, the other half will be locked on a smart contract and can be spent after 1 year.


1- Download your Byte wallet here →

(Available on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux)

2- Once you set up your wallet, on the "Home" page go to the wallet preferences and make sure to toggle on the "Single address wallet" option.

-In order to receive the free coins, you'll need to attest your steem username, and the price of attestation is 0.000049 GB.

So the next step is to copy/past your Byte wallet address in the comment section below, so I'll send you 0.00006 GB, which you can use to attest your steem username.

To get your Byte wallet address, go to "RECEIVE" tab and "SHARE ADDRESS" to copy it, then past it in the comment section below.

3- When you receive the coins, go to the "CHAT" tab and on the top " Bot Store" then "Steem attestation bot" and "OPEN CHAT".

4- The bot will ask for your Byte wallet address, click the 3 dots icon on the left bottom side in the chat box area, and click on "insert my address (Small Expenses Address)".

5- Next, the bot will provide you with a link, to verify your steem username via steemconnect, log in with your steem account, then return to the chat.

6- The bot will show your steem username and ask you if you want it to be private or public in the database, select the one you like, and in the next message click on "Payment request: 0.000049 GB" to pay for your attestation fee.

And voila! Your Byteball Bytes coins are in your wallet! Enjoy your free money! Let me know when you get them, and I hope this helped you!

A special thanks to @kid4life for helping me to claim mine.

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Sent! Wait for it to confirm, and claim your reward 😉



Sent, and you welcome 😉


Thank you 🙏🏻

Sent! And you are welcome 😉


Just sent it 😉 You can claim yours now 😉

Here is my wallet address. Thanks!


Sent! Enjoy 😉

received my byteball. thanks!

Awesome! You are welcome and share the gift 😉



Sent! Enjoy 😉


Sent 😉 enjoy!



Sent! 😉

Thank @silentsoularts 😊

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Sent 😉 enjoy!

Here's my wallet address. Thanks.

Sent! Enjoy 😉


Thanks @silentsoularts

Sent! You are welcome brother 😉

Thank you all it turned out and you all accurately described how to act.

Awesome! And you are very welcome. I'm happy to help 😉

this is very helpful for people to easily understand, thank you for sharing an information.

Thanks a lot @marlisa 😉

Yes dear😂

Hello is my wallet address.

Sent! Enjoy it 😉

I got it wrong. And he gave the wrong address. I deleted everything and reinstalled it. If it is actual, then my address GI3I6EMI3APFBJADAXBLKLAV2KCKPSJX
Thank you, sorry for the trouble.

No problem 😉 just sent it to this address 😄

Thank you very much, everything is good!
Good luck @silentsoularts!

Thank you!

Sent! And you are welcome 😄



Sent! Enjoy the free coins 😁


Sent! Enjoy 😉

my wallet

Sent! 😉

Thanks for the heads up on this!

Sent! And you are welcome, enjoy 😉

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How do I transfer it from byteball to my steem account?

You can use the Exchange Bot in the byteball app, or you can try any exchanger website that u use and have GB listed there 😉 Bittrex is the one I recommend

Thanks. I tried out the exchange bot but I don't know which currency /assets to use


Thx a lot!!!

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Make sure that you copied the correct wallet address 😉

Hello! My wallet

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Sent! You can claim yours now!