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RE: Why you should invest your money in Steemit and what lies ahead for it...Steemit is picking up Steem!

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Great article @kdugar I think people just gotta get out there and spread the news a bit more. Often people won't be able to believe they could earn so much on a post until someone close to them is saying 'Dude, it's changing my life, get it now!' haha


Yes, exactly. People will gradually hear about how Steem lets you express your views and at the same time be compensated for it..eventually, more and more people will join it. In the end, it is a disruptive platform with great potential..what's not to love !

Upvoted, I 100% agree. Not a day goes by where I am not gravely concerned with the direction in which our world is heading. I am very excited about the new direction media could take on this platform.