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in steemit •  2 years ago

It's a constant celebration!

Many people on Steemit are constantly posting about them reaching some milestone of followers. I like many here consider it a toxic behaviour because you are sending a good post, on which lots of effort was put down the line. Yeah, it's great to celebrate but it's not content, it just turns you into a spamming con-man. Just use the time you spend on making that effortless post on browsing other people's quality content, upvoting and commenting. You'll earn way more and help the community out.

You have nothing to celebrate...

The amount of followers doesn't matter, because Steemit is a very unequal when it comes to users. A single follower can have as much vote value as the rest combined. I'm not saying that you should make a celebration post when a whale manages to follow your sorry ass, I'm stating the opposite. Such an action would only make the whale reconsider and escape from you. You don't want to ditch a whale, now do you?

Oh, boy! It's another dank meme!

Keep Steemin'

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