Thanks for that tidbit.... experienced users like yourself really help to show how they feel about this...

How about $0? :)

why should I? It's my account, my writing and my SP to use. As long as I'm supporting others, there is zero reason for me not to support myself as well.

There's always 1 reason: selfishness ;)

But yeah, as long as there isn't much incentive to vote on others it will exist. Hopefully the curation protocol will improve in the future to make everyone happier.

as I said dufus.... as long as I am supporting others, there is nothing wrong with me looking after myself as well. You may choose to be self-centred, not everyone is like you. There are a lot of people on this platform who spend a lot of time supporting and helping others, if they choose to upvote their own posts that is their choice. The platform allows for it and there is no reason except your own irrational fear someone might make a few cents more than you.

If some people spent as much time actually working on the craft of writing and producing good content as they do bitching because the system doesn't just hand them returns they would be actually earning returns.

People aren't earning shit, because of bad curation behavior like self-voting, repetitive voting and follow-for-follow nonsense.

Pretty funny to call others self-centered when YOU are the one upvoting yourself!

people aren't earning shit because they produce content that is shit. I comb though dozens and dozens of crap before ever finding a post worth taking the time to read.

And yes, I upvote myself using the same percentage as I give to everyone that I upvote who writes content worth upvoting.

You want to earn, learn the craft and practice it.