Ideas to Improve the Steemit Platform - January 30th Edition - Auto Translate Option

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I had previously started a series of posts with the goal of developing a dialogue within the Steemit community of ways to improve the platform, especially as it relates to new/minnow users. These ideas will be important before we transition into the next phase of Steemit, mass adoption.

It have not had a chance to post a new installment in the last several months, but previously, I discussed the idea of having suggested posts. Please check out that post here:

In this edition, I would like to discuss the idea of having an auto translate option. As steemit has grown, the number of languages used on Steemit has also grown. The majority of posts are in English, but what about the other posts? I would enjoy being able to read them, but half the time I cannot even tell what language it is. I would love if steemit could auto translate those posts into English in my case so I could enjoy cultures from all over the world and break through language barriers.

Similarly, what about people that do not speak English? They may be reluctant to use steemit if the cannot read or comment on the majority of posts. It would be amazing for those individuals if steemit could translate posts into their native language. It of course wouldn’t be perfect, but it may get us 90% of the way there. It would also really open up the number of users that steemit might attract.

Google translate may be an easy solution. Or maybe there are developers that can propose something better. Or maybe something like this exists and I just don’t know about it. I would love to know about hat as well.

What do you think? Thanks for your thoughts.

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If you need translation to Mandarin, please feel free to approach me as I have a friend who works on Steemit with translation work.

Excellent idea, my native language is Spanish. The Stemeenians must focus our efforts on this development. that there are no barriers to continue building our community! (by the way, this comment I use it thanks to the Google translator)