Choosing the right tag for your post makes a difference! Here is how to do it!

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Hey my steemian fellas,

Unfortunately, tags are sometimes not too well chosen, which leads to the fact, that even great posts are not voted well! See that post for example, it is great for sure, but as the tags are mostly not good (like "Kikeriki" for example) this post is not well seen. The only good tag here is "music":
So this post of a friend of mine could do much better on steemit and I want to take the chance to explain and help out everyone who is interested and tell you, how you can choose good tags for your posts.
First of all, you can follow the link below and view all the tags.

You can see the tags that are used the most, relating to posts, comments and payout. It looks like this and you can scroll through the whole page:

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If you look at this screenshot, you can see f.ex., that the tag "life" has a multiple payout than all the other tags above and below. This is for sure a great tag, so if it somehow matches your post: Tag it "life".
Check out all the other well payed tags! If a tag has much posts, much comments, and a high payout, there is a big and well voting community standing behind it.
For example if you post something related with music, you will choose tags like "music" and "art" because the community behind the tags votes very well! You won't choose a tag like "piano" because it has not much payout related.
If you are posting a photo of a flower, don't use "flower" which is not payed well, use "Photography", "art", "life" or "nature" for example. Even don't use "Photo", because it is not nearly aswell payed out as "Photography". You can check everything I am telling you, just by scrolling through the tags as I linked them above.
And here is one last very important tip:
Tag the community of your country! This people are mostly coming from your own culture, so they will most likely follow and upvote you even more because you are of the same kind.
Choose "deutsch", "cn", "nigeria" etc., just search for the tag that's suitable in the tags list like posted above.
I hope you got an idea how important it is to choose good tags.
If this was helpful, please consider a follow or upvote, you may even comment if you found it useful or have something to critizise.

Thank you for your time,


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Thank you @senzenfrenz for your explanation. It seems a bit weird though that you choose you tags according to popularity rather than content. The strong become stronger... "Kikerikiki" was a joke actually to mock this system ;)


I did not say that you should tag fully unrelated to your content;) Just choose "photography" instead of "photo" for example (both suitable considering content) but one with high payout potential and other with none. This is not about strong become stronger, it's a real chance for the weak to become stronger.