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I thought so :)

You're definitely speaking my language right now. I unfollowed a lot of people back in the day because of shit posting. I still have people in my followers list who have left, needs another purge to be honest. And yes, Steemit was first but it's not been the last. Trybe is coming fast & could eclipse us if we don't make much needed changes. Already Trybe reminds me of Steemit in the beginning days; good quality content from ex-Medium creators.

In saying that, I still want Steem to succeed. Doesn't seem right that @dan leaves, starts another blockchain, and one of their first Dapps happens to compete directly with his last project. For that reason I want Trybe to fail. Spiteful I know, but I still feel like @dan abandoned us (I know that wasn't the case but that's exactly how it felt at the time) so I no longer support his projects.

I like the direction Steemit, Inc. is going & if I were investing again I'd be very Bullish on Steem between now and January '19 when SMTs are released.

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All "up and coming" things that go anywhere past the idea stage is always going to have "quality content" to begin with as the early adopters and believers in the project start out. As soon as it sees some level of success the spammers looking for a quick buck will come. Hopefully they already have something in place to deal with it when it happens :)


This is true, updates bring users back in troves until disillusionment sets in again, kinda like a parabolic trend. As I understand, Steemit, Inc. is planning to implement account-based voting rather than stake-based voting to eliminate manipulation. I think over-time changes such as that will completely rid ourselves of bot plagues, spammers, scammers, and more.