NEXUS $4.47 SOARED 159% IN ONE DAY @senseicat

in #steemit2 years ago

Market cap 250 million.

I credit @socky for his detailed write up regarding this innovative company. It inspired me to buy this coin and feel so lucky to see this type of upward trajectory.

Due to the connection between the founders and Elon Musk, I see a tremendous growth potential.



Let's reach our dreams together @senseicat


Thank you sir for this wonderfull work of yours.
Steemit is really a wonderful one indeed sir .
I sign up on january and my life has really changed since then.
I can now be able to feed my self in school.
I would like to be like you sir.

great work @senseicat. you have talent. keep it up.

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You are trying to say that I am an average person.

Why do you quote Star Wars?

Very important information, thanks for sharing it with us.

I'm less expert in cyrpto problems .. but do you know the place or website where we can generate nexus or trading nexus ??
I really want to make money through trading
I feel all the things about crypto have a bright prospect ...

Nexus is primarily traded on Bittrex and UpBit. You can download the Nexus wallet from the Nexus Earth website. Here is the link

Check out Dosh - the app that pays you to book hotels, shop & eat! Link a card & get $5, plus $5 for each refferal.
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thank you for sharing information about bitcoin, and this is useful information

good work my dear

Wow... Amazing, good post and good luck @senseicat

harigato gouzaumasu shifu Cat .heheheh ( thanks ) :)

I respect to try it
Give me the link

❤😘💞😍❤😘 nice post

Second time I run into Nexus today. Heard about in passing before, but have yet to look into it.
-Hands together and slight bow - according to Bruce (you know since we are not afraidy of taking to the air)

Very nice post upvote me please

first of all thank you for upvoting my post i follow you if you can follow me back that would be awesome and secondly thank you for this post NEXUS got my attention i will check it out thanks.

It was under 1,000,000 mcap when saw this on Crypto Lark'syoutube channel yeaterday. Looks very promising!

Nexus is the traded upbit and bitrix . This is informative post thanks for shearing.

Posts that attract friends, hopefully what the plan is running successfully

Wonderful work....thanks for sharing.....

Gez I wish I had some ! ;)

Nice you post mr. @senseicat

have a nice day

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