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From past few weeks, I have been watching in #PIE coin and it has been doing great. It was at 4sat at the starting but now it has become stable at around 300sat after getting ATH at 558sat. I looked at it and its community, I did a little research and finally, I entered in it at 90sat.

Within few months, the community has active bitcointalk thread, released the road map, listed coin in three exchanges (cryptopia, yobit, trade satoshi), has released a new website, achieved around 600 followers on twitter and still growing. A coin with millions of supply has only few hundred thousand in sale side of exchange and the rest are in the wallet for staking. It is awesome. And there is no pump and dump. It shows that people and community trust in PIE Coin and the future of PIE is great if everything goes as per the plan.

It has come to the knowledge that some developers have already started working in social sending. The news about social sending is not official neither from the trusted source but it has come to my knowledge from community members.
Similarly, as per the twitter account of the PIE coin, Master node is coming soon...
Read the complete text at http://knowcrypto.com/growth-and-future-of-pie-coin/

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I am all in in PIE....

pie coin has a masternode coming soon, and software will be social sending cool :-)


Saving up for one of them super big pies
that makes little pie that grow up to
big pies themselves too.

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