Why Steemit ? 0.912 SBD exchange for 0.00012205 BTC

in steemit •  2 years ago

Today after reading this articlet, I decided to try to transfer my penny to bitcoin in the fastest way.


The main thing is that it is very convenient and very easy



Or exchange $ 0.91 to $ 0.33?


What is the essence? I do not understand(

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Hi, It's because you sent too small of an amount to buy bitcoin. There is a fixed fee we must pay to send a bitcoin transaction and we pass this cost on to the buyer. At the current moment, it tends to be around $1 or $2 USD in bitcoin value. So I generally recommend that when buying bitcoin, you purchase amounts of $20 USD value or more to reduce the impact of the fixed cost transaction.


hmm, thank for answer

Good questions

A bit earlier i turned my steem intk btc and i got a bonus cause it fluctuated when i transacted, i guess i was lucky, and in this case you unlucky