I was banned automatically due to plagiarism

in steemit •  2 years ago

Yesterday, I made a post : https://steemit.com/steemit/@royalmacro/steemit-bridges-blockchain-and-social-media-but-how-does-it-work

I wanted to share the whole news which was published on Coindesk. But, I wanted to that the @cheetah couldn't detect my post automatically as copy-paste content. So, I decided to spin the whole article and publish it steemit. But, I didn't forget to include a text " Source Coindesk News."

After some time @anyx detected me as plagiarism and also @cheetah banned me. I'm now in black-listed.

My all posts are now less visible. I give thanks to steemit and all moderators like @anyx, @cheetah & @adm that they are continuously working to make steemit all contents unique & best.

I now understand that I made a big mistake after reading the full post about cheetah bot : https://steemit.com/steemitabuse/@cheetah/cheetah-bot-explained

So, I promise today that I will post 100% original (no copy-paste/spinned article and copyrighted pics) article in steemit in the future.

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I made the same mistake. I tried to rephrase a content from a news as part of my composition and cited my original source and cheetah flagged me for it.

Don't article spin, and don't copy paste, in the future. Make sure your content is original, and if you want to talk about news, link to it and discuss it in your own ideas.
I'll be watching.

!cheetah unban