The Steemit Lightworker Army: Laying Down The Beacons... (And A Change Of Direction)

in steemit •  10 months ago

What are we doing here (on Steemit)...?

Passing time? Lusting after money?

Or perhaps serving.

Giving back. Creating value. Adding something to the lives of those who read our words.

Probably, some combination of both.

Though, I hereforth create the opportunity to reflect upon and consider the responsibility to utilize this platform wisely, in a way that benefits those who may come next onto it...

Three months ago, I published "The Steemit Crypto Lightworker Army," talking about how we can seize this opportunity to serve as others are initiated into the blockchain revolution.

And while I've never been a fan of the often-airy-fairy "spiritual" mumbo-jumbo term "lightwork," I'll use it again here to emphasize a point that goes beyond what labels we could put on it. Namely:

Each story published here CAN serve as a beacon of light.

What we write here may be of assistance to others as they navigate the stormy journey of these crypto seas - or life.

Granted, this isn't a necessity. We could publish a bunch of brainless bullshit, fake news, ignorant opinions, etc, etc. But, I've always personally thought it commendable to make sure readers are getting their time & energy's worth by providing something that truly adds value.

Something that shines some light into a world that's already got enough negativity in it.

Something that inspires and enlightens through the clarity it generates, bringing fresh perspectives and something original that uplifts.

Something that leaves readers well-satisfied, feeling enriched with what they've invested their time into digesting.

Whether exceptionally outstanding in its informative/educational value, entertainment value, or inspirational value - something that makes a mark on readers through the light it shines into their consciousness.

I guess, the tangible manifestation of what some might call "light work," in the context of this game.

It is a unique game.

And this is a unique territory.

We have hundreds of thousands - perhaps soon millions - of people passing through, each on their own course, with their own interests, challenges, needs, and tastes. No one knows the totality of what all everyone here is seeking, or what may be of value to them.

Nonetheless, who knows who may read what we write here. Or what impact it might have on them.

Not just within the week of a story's publishing, while the rewards are racking up, before they get buried deep in a blog's timeline, behind a constantly-updating feed of new content. But perhaps too, months or even years from now - whether at random, or deliberately scanning back our histories.

Each post here can serve as a beacon of light. That stands timeless.

Sometimes, I've thought that I'm writing just in-the-moment, for the audience who sees the stuff when it comes out. But every once and a while, a get a comment on something a year or two old, almost shocked that someone dug deep enough to find a gem - and express their appreciation for the light it provided.

I never anticipated that. But who knew - laying down those beacons actually did serve a new generation of Steemians making their way fresh into this platform.

And every one of our writings has that potential - should we choose to exercise such an intention.

Why do I write this now?

Because it's quite possible that my time writing on Steemit may soon be coming to an end. And this is one of the key messages I've felt it critical to impart to those reading to pass on. (For a condensation of the main ones that've contributed most to my success, which I'd most highly recommend newbies indulge themselves in contemplating: The Dirty Dozen: My Top 12 Most HIGHLY Recommended Posts For Steemit Noobs To Accelerate Your Success.)

If you've been one of the few who've expressed how much they've looked forward to receiving motivation/inspiration from my posts... well, instead of looking forward, you may be better off looking back.

Within the last two years, I've laid down alot of beacons. I've driven home the key lessons I've felt compelled to impart, from different angles and perspectives. And, my time of service here writing - though I'll likely still be around for a while posting music via dSound - may be wrapping up. But, those beacons shall stand as long as the Steem blockchain does. (As too, does the much bullshit I've also probably shared along the way).

Of course, my path here is not the same as anyone else's. Every one of us has our own values, goals, priorities, and so forth. However, if I were to leave some parting words, it would be these:

Consider the possibilities of how your words may positively impact others.

Try on the idea: that each story you publish here could potentially serve as a beacon of light, shining into the lives of your readers - now, and far into the future.

If you choose instead to conduct yourself like an imbecile, instead focusing on what you can take and flood your digital space with garbage - well, that's your choice. (And karma.)

Though, should you choose, you can be a light unto this world - each marking on the Steem blockchain, a lighthouse to guide those who cross their paths and may need the particular message you have to deliver at that point in time.

In closing...

I was thinking of writing a separate farewell post, though this one probably sums up what needs to be said.

The longer I've prolonged acting upon the inner guidance to redirect my creative flows from writing to music, the more bitter and resentful I've gotten - and that's not the space which to come from, intending to continue being inspired and sharing inspiration. My soul has kept me away at night, screaming until the message has been clear. And now it's time to heed it.

This has been an amazing, blessed rollercoaster of a journey on this platform. And while I've bullshitted my way through alot of it in the name of paying bills, the only way I can uphold integrity to my values of providing inspired service is to first be true to myself, following through on the dreams I've spent far too long procrastinating on. Keeping myself restricted to writing has been dimming my light - and if I am to lead by example, that light must be rekindled through the commitment to closing this door so the next can open, wherein lies what I was aiming for all along.

And if you've been inspired by my work, the only thing I ask in return: pay it forward.

If you've gleaned value from my posts and it has served you as a beacon of light in your progression here on Steemit, put it into action creating value for others, shining light into their lives.

Or don't. It's your choice.

But you never know the ripple effect, should you choose to seize the opportunity and be the light... 🙏

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If we have more than one of @rok-sivante in this atmosphere, it could have been better than now. You are a man of integrity, a man of vision and a goal helper.

You have showered your love to many, you dont know how much help you have rendered in our lives. I dont know what and what to say now, but remember the ast time, i dont you this place will miss you and your services.

When i read your post, it ignites and re kindles me, you are a true leader and thanks for supporting my dream.

how i wish i can say @rok-sivante please still stick to us your children, we are still in infant stage, we need your protection. Tears still rolls out of my eye because i am wondering were to get those amazing message from, who will i run to when i needed advice and when i needed help.


I know what you are made up of as you will use the music to give us something more inspirring and educative.

Sir @rok-sivante please check on my message on Discord



There’s no doubt you shall carry the torch with virtue as it is passed on, rising into your own greatness in leadership, and nurturing that within those whom you pay forward the inspiration... 🙏💖

What does @Rok-Sivante need to know to maximize the success of his next creative projects?

Wheel of Fortune, Tower, Magician

Looks like all you have to do is grab your destiny by the balls, make decisions/not get bogged down by indecision and be your Magician self. Looks like this is an area of natural talent where you have refined your skills for these endeavors.

The combination between The Wheel of Fortune (portrayed as Schrodinger's cat) and the Tower seem to indicate that all you have to do is collapse the wavefunction to get the desired outcome, because that is all an effective Magician has to do.

It is unusual for to get such strong Major Arcana cards for a question. I would wish you luck but you do not need it. Apparently, you already are luck.


Haha, wow.

I don’t know enough about tarot whether to be skeptic at and write it off as a cold reading or take to heart - though in either case, that’s a great summary.

And I really do appreciate this.



resteemed and thanks for all the fish!

really preeshiate you are suppart mang, hit me up on discord


The fish...?

Dang man, I’d have hoped my fishing lessons would have been rubbing off, instead... lol.

Joined. My username there is “Sivante.”


I don't know what to say but thank you.

You've given me more lessons than what can encompass a lifetime, and a beacon of life helps ships navigate safely to shores. I had a user once refer to posts that I've almost completely forgotten about—Steemit and blockchain truly is a display of timelessness.

Things I write may not be useful the week I write them, but readers can still find value upon visiting them. I don't know about everyone else, but I do know that there will be some (including myself) that will be reading your posts for months and years to come in times where we lose our paths or want to learn how to forge our own.

Paying it forward is not even a question. Whenever I write, I think about what I can share. What can I provide the world that I haven't seen a million times before?

And I write that. It doesn't matter if I can post every day or not as long as the messages and articles are written come from an experience or culmination of experiences that are unlikely to be encountered otherwise.

Everyone has something valuable to provide. No one is ever too wise to not learn more, and instead of a good-bye... This is a celebration of all the lives you have touched.

Godspeed Mr. Sivante,
Sheryl Kona

If you ever need to find me I will be there.




Oh woah Rok

Gonna be honest here.
My heart did a little jump and was sad for a while that you will not be sharing your words with us anymore.

Yet I completely understand it and am happy you are listening to yourself, your intuition and your heart.
It's a pretty brave step my friend!

And it's funny that this is your last post on here because this is EXACTLY the way I found you!
I searched for #authenticity and an amazing post of yours popped up and fucking blew my mind!!!
Love this circular digital journey!

Just know that I am here, you know where to find me and always up to have a chat with you!

Be kind to yourself

And this means I am just going to listen to your music whilst writing posts from now on.



It’s people like you and comments like yours that have made leaving all the more difficult. Lol. :-)

Has been a pleasure, privilege, and honour connecting & serving with you in the ways we have. T’was quite a gift crossing paths and having the inspiration reflected back.


I absolutely concur with you on the substance of this awesome article @rok-sivante. Truly, we shouldn't simply just compose, we ought to have the capacity to convey something advantageous by means of articles, something that the perusers ought to be appreciative for in the wake of contributing their opportunity. One thing is to compose yet something else is to convey. This is vital in guaranteeing the peruser gets an incentive for time and vitality contributed.

When I entered Steemit almost two months ago I already had a vision of the wonderful feeling I would have on the day I would let go all of this for good. I am not the type who has the great urge to share his feelings and thoughts with others. Nor am I writting my articles to get some external confirmation only because there is some lack thereof within myself. I wrote many articles on paper at home, and even then it took some time until I decided to create a blog out of them. Once I did, it took another almost two years until I released some of them on Facebook. I actually didn't really want that, but there was this inner voice telling me that I should do, and so I did. Then, three months later all my work got deleted from Facebook, and neither did I know why nor was I too disappointed. Yet then I had a dream where someone was telling me to partake in the "new currency system which is soon about to go viral". And about two days later I found Steemit. I immediately knew that this was part of new system I was told about in my dream.

And so I release my articles which I have written over many years, only sometimes I have a new idea which I write down spontaneously, but everyday would surely burn me out in no time. So I am more than grateful that I wrote so many over the years...but again, I am looking forward to the day where I can let this go and have my Peace. :)


Haha! I can definitely relate. Though in the meantime, for a reframe = this is a form of service - which is never entirely for ourselves.

I’d advise to pace it, and enjoy the ride as much as possible. Even amidst the downsides, there is still indeed much inspiration to be found along the way... 💓


Nothing to add! :)

It has always been a virtue to make imprints that stand the test of time. When we make these positive actions in the sands of time, not even landmines can cover them up. Light as we all know dispels darkness. Be it ones deep-seated in the society.

Fortunately, steemit has created an uncommon ground as well as media and opportunities to make valuable efforts in changing lives through posts. As much as we earn through them, a core question to be asked is what impact has it made in the readers. If the answer is not in the affirmative, it's immaterial how much we have made on them.

Thus, it is a virtue to help change lives. You really don't know who comes across your posts. Did you affect them positively or otherwise. This world will be a better place if we have ideal thinkers like this on the top. Your pacesetting has been of utmost importance to people in this community. Keep it up.

I totally agree with you on the content of this great article @rok-sivante. Yes, we shouldn't just merely write, we should be able to communicate something beneficial via articles, something that the readers should be grateful for after investing their time. One thing is to write but another thing is to communicate. This is important in ensuring the reader gets value for time and energy invested.

Thanks for coming up with this informative post

@eurogee of @euronation community

I very much understand you. You gave a lot to the realm of this platform. And people need sometimes to be left with themselves instead of getting used to those who give support and hope. One can repeat the same message so and so often. Mostly, I felt the steemit experience as an inner journey which led me to recognize myself in different ways. Others might have mirrored themselves in what I offered. It's time to move on and to rest and to gain new strength without posting. I already feel the peace and calmness of it. I feel freer to comment and concentrate also on other peoples writings once in a while.

Funny thing that happened is that my quitting led also to get in direct touch through a phone call with another member. That was refreshing and a totally different experience. I talked to an older woman on THE PHONE. It is like getting back to a very old habit. I feel more happy and released to that damn time window of seven days.

Also, I am happy for you. I will miss your writings but I can dig into your old articles and go back into your history.

Good bye :-)



And not “good bye...” perhaps just, “see ya ‘round...” ;-)

What a beautifully eloquent farewell message, equally it's one I can really relate to as we would all do well to follow our hearts .. indeed to follow the heart is to nourish the soul. Since our words will be held within the blockchain for as long as there is electricty to power it, we would do well to at least try to choose them wisely.

I wish you every success in following your dreams and equally I look forward to catching up on your posts I've missed. All the best @rok-sivante

I haven't been long on steemit but I've learned to ignore the background noise of useless posts and follow those valuable contributors who, as you mentioned, leave interesting content into the blockchain.

Along the way I found your posts and decided to follow what you had to say. I think steemit needs voices like your own and you leaving makes us minnows who want to contribute a bit more isolated in the jumble of crappy posts.

Having said that I totally understand your fatigue at posting on this platform and your need to seek new horizons. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

Maybe if you feel like writing some more please still consider steemit, in the knowledge that most of us who are following you are interested in your insights.

As for me I think the only way to not get tired of the platform and keep posting is to forget all together about the rewards and share as much useful content and as many constructive views as I can.


May the torch be passed on to those whom may run with it, setting a fine example for the incoming generation of Steemians to make the most of it and continuing to enrich this space with quality content that stands out and touches, moves, and inspires... 🙏

It seems like this re-discovery of self has come at a time where due retrospects have been synchronized to draw us back toward the essence of our most authentic creative expression.

This Mercury retrograde has been pulling at me in a similar way in my own respective life @rok-sivante. I feel your sentiments.

I certainly have found that beacon of light you spoke of on your blog and it's been something helpful for me to learn from.

As you are aware, we are big fans of your musical expression in my household, so I am happy to know we will be hearing more from you coming from that direction. Hope it is soon too.


Farewell has a sweet sound of reluctance. Good-by is short and final, a word with teeth sharp to bite through the string that ties past to the future. - John Steinbeck

Its always harder to be left behind than to be the one to go. All Best from the bottom of my heart with my humble note of gratitude. 🌺

You were one of the first quality content creators I found that really had a deep message. I was amazed at the concept of etching a spiritual message in digital stone. The light you have shared thus far will continue to shine, and it is an inspiratiom for myself and others to shine our truth as well.

Looking forward to vibing out to your music. Blessed be.

this is perteting or should i use word sad after reading this post , but i know you choose the right part this will be better for you

(Though, I hereforth create the opportunity to reflect upon and consider the responsibility to utilize this platform wisely, in a way that benefits those who may come next onto it... )
this is true which you have been doing .

you are one of the steemians i respect and i know most of your followers will testify to it.

thanks for making us adapt to the world of blogging by yoir writeups.

thanks and God bless

@rok-sivante, after reading some of the comments, I think everything has been said. Many see this as you leaving. I think that's wrong.

You're not leaving.

Part of you will be distributed through other frequencies, by way of waves instead of the need for us to use our eyeballs :) So you will keep inspire, motivate or whatever feel good stuff your creations bring up.

Fact: Your stone is responsible for an eternal ripple. Goodluck!


Well-stated. 😎💖


I'd say it's an honour to have crossed your path. My grandma used to tell me it's often for selfish reasons that people cry when someone dies. They miss what the person will do or serve them if alive; most cries are never for the dead but the living. I thought she was going senile then as she was quite old then. But come to think of it, she may be right. So I would not say I won't miss your posts, but it would be selfish of me to ask you to stay since it's not your will.

I wish to run into you... In this life or another life. Goodluck. ✌️

Very empowering. I am in real life work as a facilitator of community empowerment. Not only in real life, I also aspire to empower more people in Steemit. Help others help them to help themselves, as well as the wider community. Only, my ability is still very limited. Frankly I really aspire to be like you, can help more people, provide education, assistance and empowering berkelajutan. It is very happy, if we can contribute to the success of many people.

Sad to read mate, brought up some emotions within myself, I am just new here and plan on creating some beacons myself, Follow your heart , If it screams in the middle of the night you must follow. I look forward to see what music you create. When you follow your deepest desires you cannot fail. love your words , thank you

Hello brother @rok-sivante

I am very happy to share my experience with my friends who also manage the Steemit account, my concept aja the happy concept that I offer to promote Steemit is by the number of readers who are able to reach the work of someone This is in line with the desire to reach the spirit of literacy that must be raised again.

I deliberately focus on authorship for Steemit promo, not just for the reason that the author is easier to display post consistency, but it is true that the current writers need a medium that gives it a lot of readers with effective communication systems like Steemit. As we all know, in Indonesia the author received less attention due to lack of media campaign. Only certain circles who can do a massive promotion with the expense that isn't cheap of course.

Having many readers is the key to the happiness offered. Many readers, authors authors at Steemit have the opportunity to publish their own work, and it is not impossible to trade in Steemit. SBD income, of course, isn't an important aspect of this promotion, although it is a tantalizing thing.

I always support the authors continue the spirit of Steemit, of course Steemit must have a curator in the genre of authorship. This will certainly be very meaningful to continue to keep the spirit of the author so as not to extinguish. In addition to multiplying the curator, it is also expected to have regular contests such as Steemian most consistent writing, or the best work within a given timeframe.

Sorry earlier maybe I rarely comment on your post @rok-sivante this time allow me to mengkoment your post from today and so on, after I read your post very much science that I get other than my knowledge is also motivated with your words, it is all people have a way of life, but the way of life that we have certainly different from each other, and the most I like is my own person you are a useful person for others, here I hope never bored in giving knowledge useful for people because the best man is a useful human for others, I salute with your post, and I'm very happy to read your post @rok-sivante

Act on your passion for music. Steemit inspired me to start recording guitar jams again after a hiatus of more than a year. I honestly feel super inspired on Steemit to share my art and music, but sometimes the pressure to write about those things which I do intuitively after many thousands of hours of practice is the part that feels like "work" lol

Hi @rok-sivate, thanks for your honest and open post. It's amazing how many people abuse the platform for their own good whilst hiding behind the thin facade of community blah blah and so on...

I am only a very small user and rarely get much for anything I post and have not come across you before however I wanted to write you and ask that you continue to write; Even if just for yourself. You write well and I enjoyed your candid post. You keep it real.

If you decide to cease your steemit journey I would understand completely as I've thought of doing so myself. I like your mindset and attitude, though
and I feel you have much more to add. All the best with your future.

I have always had a weird feeling when I say words like lightworker & namaste. When I taught yoga classes, my students would always say namaste to me upon leaving, but I just couldn’t will myself to say it back. My gratitude is shown threw actions and raw emotions. Words seem to get in the way of that when it comes to face to face interactions.

I will say however, that with my posts, even the shorter ones.. I just want to give hope to those who are currently struggling. No matter where they may be, I want them to know that they can go up. I will be there to extend my hand to help as often as possible.

Very awesome article @rok-sivante, you done with deeply analist with the platform, if you asked me to answer what we do on steemit? I couldnt answer more, but in My dream I looking for happiness and shared it the people in the world, Greeting from Aceh Sumatra Indonesia.

dear @rok-sivante
you are great say on this post

these are great article for all of us,,,
its really important when we make any post to become meaningfull ,,motivational ,insperational or necessary post

but we should not do this,,,its really wrong
as if i am a new small wser but i werw understood your word,,,

we should ignor all meaning less post
sir i will respect you with great honour because of your insperational post
i am great thankfull for you beacause of i can change my mind by dint
of your post reading,

really great support for us,,,
thanks for your great post

Hmm... We will really miss you so much, cause you've really done a lot in investing in the lives of the newbies in this platform, but I think you should do what you feel makes you happy. If your music makes you happier then put more energy to it and the same way you've impacted life here I feel you will still do with you music. Just follow your instincts.... All the best in your future endeavors.

wow, this is indeed deep, personal and inspirational... i'm sure you will look down on this blog down the line, and be proud of the lovely farewell you embedded on the blockchain... wish you the best in your endeavors...

I as a beginner I consider steemit as my teacher why? Because I was in steemit to find many important lessons from the steemis that shared them, steemit for me was very helpful to me in understanding the meaning of a friend's belief, every steemian sharing an article in steemit would surely believe his article would be taken advantage of by stemians.

And I am after reading the article that tells your wish I really admire you, you are a great person. I may just beginners i am sorry to have commented. Regards introduction good luck always.


Excellent attitude... ;-)


Hehehe thanks very much
May I always follow you

I feel really sad to hear that you will not be with us or keep on writing your amazing posts. I will definitely miss that, but you have to pursue your dream of music and I wish you all the best.

I really do not know what you mean here, do you really not write again in steemit and why you decide this?

Why do I write this now ?

Because it's quite possible that my time writing on Steemit may soon be coming to an end.And this is one of the key messages I've felt it critical to impart to those reading to pass on.

I hope that does not happen, you are a soul that has inspired us all. I always learn to reward everyone who visits my comments, and all this I learn from you @rok-sivante.


Have been burning out writing, and putting off music for way too many years. At the point now that need to refocus creative energies towards what I’ve been moving towards all along.

Still might do some writing. Though perhaps more in the music.

Trust... what is yet come come shall benof even greater inspiration than what’s been... ;-) 🙏💖


thanks @rok-sivante, I believe with these words :

Trust... what is yet come come shall benof even greater inspiration than what’s been...

thanks for a trust. I hope you more successful in your career.💟🙏

You must follow your heart and new purpose, music. Much success to you.


Definitely not a new purpose - more likely the one I’ve been putting off for years... :-)

Maxim says time is money, your post appreciates for us if we are lazy to work means we are like a fool who does not want us to go forward, thanks @roksivante for his post.

good post


Can’t say the same about this comment.


I mean this post is very good, but sorry I do not know how to explain the details,


no no no ! I think this comment isn't good

Be careful about your criticism or suggestion to other
Give a really real opinion, don't hurt our day, are you understand brother?

your post is very good, it seems like I have to learn more

hello @rok-sivante you have used really powerful words which worth to read, I'm on steemit and I saw many got frustrate after spending some time here as they don't get support and make quality post at the same time. You have point and I appreciate your writing.

Nice post
I like your post
I upvote and folow you
Can upvote me



Doing so would go completely against my values and set a horrible example of appropriate conduct on this platform.

I can encourage you to stop begging for votes and reconsider that such a strategy is inappropriate, however.

For a fuller explanation - and perspective that may do you much good to take in and integrate - I recommend reading these:

The #1 Thing To Do If You Want Upvotes (And Exactly What NOT To Earn Follwers And Respect)...

The Beggar Parade Hits Steemit: Calling Bullshit On Impersonal Commenting Facades…


I'm sorry I'm still so stupid in this case
thank you for reminding me


Not stupid, just learning...

And, you’ll now be able to pass on the same lessons to help others new to Steemit... 🙏


I am very grateful to you that has made me know how to walk in steemit. May I be like you are a success always

Because it's quite possible that my time writing on Steemit may soon be coming to an end.

Don't tell me.... you bought that Condo bro?


Haha, still a ways off from that... :-)


Hahaha, awww :(
You will get it bro <3


Well, the unit we’ve been wanting hasn’t sold yet, so that is a great sign. And even if it does - perhaps that’ll just line things up for one of the penthouses instead... :-]


Then why are you stopping? Are you cashing out of this and leaving?


Burnt out. On writing, and kinda social media in general.

Still gonna be posting music via dSound.

Powering Down to diversify investments slowly, though not completely yet...


I like the slowly part.... don't leave too fast :P


Probably no more than 50% this year.

And even if it turns out I can earn far better returns elsewhere, I’ll be staying invested for a while just for the simple reason of giving back - supporting some authors in Indonesia and Nigeria has been a treat, paying forward the same type of opportunity/blessing I was bestowed upon stumbling into this place. That is a reward of its own, which I’m not ready to abandon for profit alone yet... :-)

thanks for his presence in my post and I hope to continue

what we do in stemiit is to tell our life experience so that our experience is useful for all people .. we become stemiit as a place to give motivation to others

Thank you @rok-sivante for enlightening us