The #1 Distinction That May Turn You Into A Steemit Rockstar (Or Doom You To Struggle, Failure, And Endless Embarrassment)...

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A wave continues, paying forward a few key lessons seeming to need emphasis in this growing Steemit community...

It began yesterday with the post, A Priceless Tip For Steemit Newbies Seeking Followers & Upvotes... (The #1 Thing To Do And NOT Do). And here, we follow suit with one major point that is critical to grasp for those wishing to create success here on Steemit.

Fundamentally, there are two distinct approaches people can take to their engagement on Steemit. One is an essential prerequisite to success (in life as well as just on Steemit). The other, not.

The reason for this story being written and shared now: as per the spam topic discussed in the last post), there appear to be more newbies to the site taking the approach that doesn’t work. And not only is it counterproductive to their own success, it is damaging to the integrity and quality of this community and the content within it.

Many have been coming to this site with old habits, strategies, and beliefs about how to go about attempting to earn rewards here. As per the last discussion), this has been entailing ‘begging’ for follows and votes. If you haven’t read that post), yet, I’d recommend doing so to get the full perspective on why such is inappropriate. But here, we are taking a turn to a different aspect of this dynamic.

At the heart of such a strategy, as being attempted by increasing numbers of annoying commenters adding no value to conversations other than the example they’re setting of how not to conduct ourselves here, lies an underlying attitude:

“Look at me. Give me attention. Give me rewards (before you even determine whether I’ve offered you anything of value.”


People begging for votes and follows are not contributing value. Their intentions are completely self-serving.

This is the approach that does not work to create success.

Now, compare this with the opposite approach...


Adding value to others.

Focusing not on demanding attention and asking for support before it is earned - but contributing to the community in ways that are valued and worthy of the time and attention paid for them.

Being a collaborator in enriching this platform with quality content that enhances the experience of readers.

Being a role model for the standards of excellence requiring embodiment for this platform to sustainably grow and maintain its awesomeness and worth as a space of rich, genuine sharing and engagement driven by honorable values.

Starting to see the difference between the two approaches yet...?

Yet, there are many people here who do not yet understand the distinction.

Too many come thinking if they just get enough followers and votes in whatever ways they can, they’ll benefit themselves. This way of thinking is entirely backwards here.

Want to be well-rewarded for your efforts here? Ensure what you add to the space is worthy of compensation.

This begins with service.

Not with motivations of maximizing what you can get. But by maximizing the value of what you give.

This isn’t rocket science.

No one gives a fuck about how nicely you wrap up your self-focused spam requests. No one with any intelligence or a significant amount of Steem Power wants to waste any more of their time and attention navigating to someone’s profile and up voting for their content when it’s clear upfront that they care more about their own rewards than adding anything of value to the community.

People do appreciate quality, person-to-person engagement. Thoughtful insight. Genuine, heartfelt feedback. Interesting, inspiring additions to the growing body of content here that makes their investment of time and energy worthwhile.

Whether your contributions come in the form of comments or your own blog posts - what constitutes value?

There are no doubt many forms, and if you’re willing to make the investment in yourself, I’d recommend taking the time to thoroughly dig through and assimilate this post: The Dirty Dozen: My Top 12 Most HIGHLY Recommended Posts For Steemit Noobs To Accelerate Your Success.... Though for the quick answer:

Something original. Something that educates. Something that inspires. Something that entertains. Something that leaves your readers at least a little richer in spirit, knowledge, wisdom, or laughs than before they digested your contributions.

It doesn’t have to be incredibly deep, intellectual, or extraordinarily complex. But it does have to be genuine - shared from a place of truly intending to be of service and contributing something of value that only you can offer.

And that’s it.

Simple. Straightforward. No further explanations required.

Choose your own path from here.

Master this single distinction and implement the wisdom within these lessons, and you’ll be on the right path towards becoming a Steemit rockstar.

Fail to take this distinction seriously and continue with self-focused motivations, and you will have no reason to be surprised when your struggle to succeed leaves you burnt out and broke, spinning your wheels amongst the bottom-feeders.

It is my personal hope and intention that this may be enlightening for at least one person - and that the ripple effect of even one writer implementing this counsel may benefit the future of this community.

And if none of this applies to you because you’ve already aligned yourself to provide consistent value to the community through your sharing, awesome. Keep up the good work and setting a fine example for the influx of newbies who could use assistance in navigating such matters. You are a rockstar.

NOTE: If there is anyone here who speaks/reads/writes in other languages and could properly translate this entire story, you have my full permission to do so and reap the corresponding rewards.

It is likely that many of the people who haven’t been grasping these distinctions don’t read English well and thus have a difficult time understanding these types of discussions.

If you might be willing and able to help spread these lessons amongst the users of your native language through an effective translation, it’d be a great undertaking of service to the community, and you have my full support to translate and publish this story in its entirety - so long as credit is given with a link back to this original.

If anyone does act upon that invitation, thank you in advance on behalf of all those who feel the same on these matters.

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Hahaha Love the all seeing pizzagate eye at the end!


Ah :))) I was think this too :))))


This is what every newbie needs to read after signing up on steemit.





That's what brought me to this platform, the idea that the community itself would be motivated to reward valuable contributions and good citizenship. After all, this is how the business community works. You can't get a job with a huge salary without first proving that you can add real value to the enterprise.

When I wrote my first post the other day, I decided to share something from a TED talk that I thought might be interesting. But then I decided to go further and explain why the speaker's call for action (making machine learning algorithms more transparent and open to audit/inspection) was actually more complicated than it sounds at first blush. It was a challenge trying to explain the internals of an ML algorithm to those new to them. I wanted to avoid complex formulas and code that might scare people off. It took me hours writing that thing. But it was worth it. Someone commented afterward, and it was clear that he was a bit inspired by the piece.

Writing original content is hard work. But the rewards can't be beat.


A fine testiment to the attitudes that enrich this community... :-)


A fine testiment to the attitudes that enrich this community... :-)

I like reading your post @rok-sivante, keep it up!

Thanks, love your writing, appreciate your advice for newbies like me


Your welcome. 🙏

Another great post.

Personal Example: Yesterday I shared a link to a tool that made evaluating upvote bots simple with another user. That user dropped 8SBD of upvotes on me yesterday. I was just being helpful with no expectation of personal enrichment. When you do that the money will take care of itself. It always has.

I posted about something similar recently, I think that theres a mentality that people deserve upvotes and comments ,ect because they took a few minutes out their day to say something..HOWEVER there are times that I read essay type posts and after all that , I upvote and its worth an amount so little it doesnt change the value of the post. I hope the people with more power also have the time to read the posts of very young ensure that they are encouraged enough to keep pushing and working hard for their posts to have value.


For sure, there are challenges here. It’s an evolving system, far from perfect, and sometimes luck and randomness does play into outcomes of rewards. Nonetheless, we march on - and there is surely opportunity for those who step up in addressing such problems and present potential solutions...


You are correct, its no good just to bitch and moan about it, mostlg the only thing I can think of is to divide and conquer in the sense that , if there was one type of thing people had to choose that would always be part of their steemit profile for eg. Music then when posting anything people with the same tag will by default see that first and tbus making sub communities with the communities that already exist.. or even like profiles that are the same age type of thing so newbies learn together and support eachother. Just throwing it out there, I know the systems not perfect and nor will any suggestion be.

This was a great read, thank you very much for sharing this. I've recently started to write an article about the "quality" of articles and I'll make sure to link back to this one, as I believe it fits perfectly.

Service, or quality contributions which is what you call it in this article, is and will always be hard to determine for authors. Some might say that they contribute tons of high quality meanwhile others don't see that as clearly. - Quality is determined by each individual. Some will say that high quality is a meme and others a very long, in-depth article about a certain subject. - That is also one of the reasons for some articles to reap more rewards than others.

Never think about who or if others will see your contributions as high quality. Write your articles because you want to write them. Others will reward you for your hard work, as long as they see that you are trying to give and not take.

"Follow me and I'll follow you"

Is definitely not a good approach on Steemit. Neither is: "Upvote for upvote"-kind of deals. - That is an act of greed and selfishness.

That is an act of a taker and Steemit wants and needs givers. - Givers will be rewarded more than takers. - As soon as everyone understand this, Steemit will flourish!


Write your articles because you want to write them.


Please do post back the link when complete... ;-)


Sure! Here you go:
Expect Nothing And Publish What YOU Want. That's How QUALITY Posts Are Made.

I also linked to this article as I definitely think this is worth reading for everyone. I think it's great to see several established Steemians publishing their thoughts and perspective on things like this and I think information like this are important for the newcomers.

Thank you once again!

Beginning with Service is powerful. Humans seek community, and our collective effort is what makes us powerful. Coming to the table with your skills and powers to share is a way to build community. There are lots of people looking to make a quick buck though. I wrote about some of this in my post "Mining the Miners" if anyone wants to read it, based on my experiences touring Colorado this summer.

Great post. Thank for sharing @rok-sivante

Very timely, this one... I've been on steemit for just about a month now. at first, I thought it would be easy to come in here, post articles and get paid. I just recently found out steemit doesn't work that way. And I'm glad though.. Because this would make it really hard for greedy folks out there to come in and deteriorate the integrity of the system. The whole thing seem to be well planned.
So I made a decision. I shifted my mindset to contributing to the growth of the community rather that what I stand to gain. And though the rewards aren't here yet, im so sure they'll come naturally at their own time, and it would feel even more rewarding!

Great post @rok-sivante
How long have you been on steemit? 😃


Excellent! Your approach is indeed a testament to what makes Steemit great. 🙏

I got in during the first month, so about 16 months now - though was fairly inactive for the middle half.

I think spam happens because at its core, Steemit is marketed as a "facebook with money", and not as "Content Creation platform with monetization built-in". And that's what it is, a content creation platform.


I’m not really sure if it’s being marketed as anything in particular, or that’s just a type of perspective some have interpreted and spread.

Either way, it creates the necessity for more work put in to clarify the cultural codes for this site and educate newbies better on how to appropriately proceed...

posting is very good @rok-sivante.
Thankyou for sharing!

Why have you been since all this days ??

I could have read your posts when I just joined steemit

All are well thought out and have given me lots of ideas on how to go about in steemit


I have read it

You had me wowed
I am astonished

You should be a Steemit Mentor

If everybody will think of the positive things he or she can contribute then the platform will be great.

Oh the needy spammers! They do make it really hard for people who DO contribute quality content to be seen too. I have struggled so damn hard with getting views because even though I write original content I don't have a ton of steem power and that seems to be the difference of why some do better than others even though they stole their content or it's paper thin.


I wouldn’t necessarily agree that the spammers make it harder for contributors of quality content - cuz the lack of substance is apparent and they’ll just get brushed aside, whereas those putting in some real effort will get noticed more with the contrast. For example: myself taking the time to reply to this comment and checking out your profile, whereas I just skip the spammers...


haha, well good point, but I feel that only happens to a certain degree. For the very obvious spammers yes you are right, but for the ones that are just posting nothing of substance over and over again. What about them? No real thought, just a cat meme... lol

This is absolutely true but I dont think those who keep doing the beggings will stop anytime soon. They have no better to contribute hence will be eliminated from the system eventually, this is how the system works too.

Good writing, you earned my follow!


Well, many may not stop, but at the least, perhaps a few may adjust course upon proper education such as this, and hopefully continue spreading the word to at least cut down some...

please upvote me please @rok-sivante


You’re joking, right???

Clearly you didn’t bother to actually read and understand THIS post.

Care to try again...?

Reference these as well:

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