Debauchery 101: Can Bid-Bots Be Used for dTube posts...?

in steemit •  3 months ago

Basic question:

Can bid-bots be used for posts made through the dTube platform, the exact same as if used for Steemit posts?

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@rok-sivante, In my opinion, everything is an Business Aspect and Opportunity. In my opinion till now we have debates on Bidbots and that was Users are using it excluding the content aspect.

In my opinion Bidbots on Dtube can be effective because we have to understand the concept and that is, the core point of Bidbot is promotion of the posts, so Promotion is ancient way to promote our product and work so it should be there in Steem Economy.

And one more thing we have to understand and that is every aspect will going to hold the two aspects as, Every Coin Holds Two Sides, same way every aspect will going to have benefits and drawbacks.

And i think that, when it's come to the Dtube Platform then in my opinion SPAM aspect can become very less in my opinion because it's the video content and maximum people will come up with something which is theirs.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂



I really haven't known much about the whole bid-bot thing, other than the general consensus is that they've been rather frowned upon.

this last week, I finally opened up my mind and gave one a shot - not in any attempts to profit, but simply to get more eyeballs on a post that had been very well-received and contained an important message I felt it'd be valuable to reach more people with.

and in the process, I learned that while some people might do it for either self-promotion or in attempts to earn more rewards, they actually come with the risk of losing money with the investment - especially if using Steem to pay, given the fluctuating Steem price and week-long window between when bids may first be made and rewards paid out. That is a factor I think alot of people that have been hating on them haven't fully considered.

Either way, they exist. And it does come down to a matter of how one uses them - like anything else, a tool can be used or abused.

Personally, I won't be using them frequently. Though every once and a while, I probably will - not for profit, and not for self-promotion, but to get out content to a wider audience that has some significant value of it that would benefit the readers...


What i think and in my opinion is, yes, some people really analyse the Steem Bot Tracker to gain the high profit margin but in my opinion no matter what profits will fluctuate according to the prices, but end of the day, Bid Bot will stay as an Promotional tool to give exposure to your work and that is because, in Steem Economy if you use Bidbots then people get benefits when they reach to the Hot page and Trending Page, and that is because most of the people spend their time on these pages, and as per my analysis, most upvotes, most development of engagements and promoted content will be found here.

So, what you've said in the end that is absolutely right means, every tool can be used or abused. Stay blessed. 🙂

Bid bots works fine on
When you upload something on, it creates a post on the steem blockchain and it pulls the same upvote data as
So, all you have to do is, give the bid bots the same address for your post as you normally would.


Cool. Thank you for the clarification.

I guess in that case, the only concern might be that it would probably end up being a losing investment, giving dTube takes a cut of rewards - thus the entire amount of votes bought becoming eligible to have that percentage sliced off for the ‘commission.’


See, thats the part I don't really understand though.
If you have the bid bot upvote the steemit article for the video, does still take the cut?

Hypothetically, for example, I have this video here:!/v/chronogn/xm84pbsj
If you upvote using the platform on that URL, takes a cut.

But, if you upvote this instead:
Does still get a cut???


That’s a very good question I also would be curious to know the answer to...


I’ve tried this, it actually made no difference. still took a cut


Hmmm, so the system is probably somehow coded into the blockchain.

Yes they can be used.

Checking the technicality, we will see that bid-bots are basically for promotions and not profit making. It may make profit and it may not. Nothing is actually certain in the market.

In my opinion, Using bid-bots for a post would probably be for promotion only. This is because gets a cut off the reward whether with a profit or loss deal with the bid-bots. It is a different measurable game if the post is made on

Keep steemin



probably just makes more sense to embed a YouTube clip into a standard Steemit post. dTube has streaming issues sometimes too, so that'd probably work better anyways to ensure all viewers can watch properly...



Embedding a YouTube link sounds like a viable solution.

Well while it technically can, i feel it. Shouldn't

The DApps are the last major ways to save this platform and give it much needed exposure and credibility - even though I personally do not use them

I am also not a huge bid-bot fan even though I've used them to boost my articles in the past, as I've also seeing the rate of abuse on the platform

So am going to stick with a hard no on this one

Lol on the last tag by the way


So yes.

Not asking on the morality here, just the technical.

Lol. :-)

(I wouldn't be asking if it was shit content in question... sometimes the ends justifies the means, and if this goes down, the amount of laughs that would come from it would be well worth it. I also learned recently that bidbots also come with the risk of loss, so it's not a matter of trying to game the system for profit, but merely a promotional expense.)


Lol my bad.

I am not really sure if that can work but the technicalities and wiring behind setting up a bid bot can be fashioned into processing one as a post maker on dtube as it maybe. So, all things being equal, i guess it can work anyways.
May not be a perfect reply to your question though... Take care sir!

Your goal to use bidbot on dTube for what is @rok-sivante?


I know a guy looking to promote a crypto music video that’s fucking amazingly hilarious.


Oh ..
That's your reason :) @rok-sivante

Hello brother @rok-sivante

I think there are a few similarities and also a little difference, if different apply, of course there are different ways to contribute.

That is in my view, it all depends on how we apply it according to our level of comfort.

it's work fine