Steemit needs a BOOKMARK or FAVORITE tab

in steemit •  2 years ago 

There is an incredible wealth of information and tools on Steemit that we should be able to Shelf under Bookmark or Favorite tab so that we can come back to it at a later point to read/refer.

Point in case, this tool developed by @jga that helps us study the followers voting habits is a keeper and there were many other articles that are not only helpful on Steemit but in life in general as a great reference.

If there is such a feature already - let me know...just the was we see home/new/hot/trending at the top, we should have Favorite/Bookmarked tab so that we can come back, refer and if we un-check the box they should move out of that tab (without effecting the reputation). This way - we can keep the list tight.


Articles that are bookmarked should also be factored into the reputation (like resteem or upvote would).

Steemians, what do you think?

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true that we miss that option badly.

wow I was thinking this 5 seconds before reading this post.

I've been thinking this for a while... or notifications for when my follows post something :)

When those you follow post something will appear under feed!