You Gotta Have Spaaace! How I Create Space for Steem - or Life!

in steemit •  6 months ago
'You gotta have sppaace!'. This is a family catch cry - Dad's favourite. It comes from this gorgeous video clip about a lion in a zoo, missing real food 'proper for wild animals' and the space of Brazil where he had SPAACCCCE. I was always a bit confused about the clip because I didn't think Brazil had lions - is it a puma? I don't know, and I'm not sure it **really** matters - the point is, the lion's trapped in this seemingly great space, full of good tech and so on, but is missing the wilds, the grasslands, the things that call to his beautiful animal heart.

The lion says:

We need space to live. We need to feel we are part of the world and not living our life in a box.

This is the danger of Steemit - don't get me wrong, I love it here (otherwise I wouldn't be busy on this platform running two accounts, curating and commenting, and hanging out on Discord!) BUT most of us know there needs to be balance between screen time and high tech, and being part of the world - real life world, with all it's colours and scents and freeeedom. You are more than just a Steemdude. You are so, so much more - go out and be that, too, and do it well.

image.pngI'm know I'm a busy Steemian - and I work part time, and surf, and do yoga, and garden, read, am part of a family, a community - and do all the things that make for a full life. Perhaps I should switch that sentence around - the identifying "I am" began with 'I'm a busy Steemian', and it's this that bothers me a lot. So most of the time, I'm trying to make spaaaaaccceee - for Steem, which is important to me, but all those other things too.

So I thought I'd share with you some tips for spending less time on the platform whilst still being an effective contributor to this beautiful, magnificant, amazing Steem blockchain.

1. Set The Clock

This time, I've set myself half an hour to write this post. I already have an idea about what I want to write, and I'm just going to write as fast as I can and try not to think about it too much. If I can write the content fast, and the clock strikes the half hour mark, I can come back and edit later, adding images, doing proof-reading, and any last minute formatting. Don't re-read as you go - it takes too long. Save that for proofreading.

2. Writing Lists

I avoided this for a long time, because ironically, I was too busy for a list. However, list making is one of the most important strategies for not only getting things done, but feeling like you are getting things done! It's a great way to calm anxiety. As I run two accounts, it's imperative I do so - and I map mine in a rough calender so I know what is coming out on what dates.

3. Learn some basic, quick mark-up codes.

There's very basic codes that can make your post purty AS you write rather than going and figuring out the formatting later. Two I use are the hashes for headings - for example, this list heading has just one hash # but ...

***this one has SIX, plus three asterixs *** *** on either side of the text to make it italicised and bold at the same time, AND I used a little side arrow thingie like this > to make it indent with a line on the side for a quote.

Because I know these simple formatting tricks, it's super easy to format as I go and takes less time.

It's also useful to have a post it note on your PC so you can copy and paste more complicated codes to place your images.

3. Add images last - or first?

I always have a basic idea of what images I will put in my posts and where they'll fit. However if you wait for the images to load, you're twiddling your thumbs waiting for that to happen. Thus, sometimes I just write: IMAGE HERE and the quick code, and I'll put them all in last and have another tab open as I work on another project and wait for them to load.

Saying that, sometimes I'll put all the images in FIRST and write the text last - either way, I never do them both at once as it's too time consuming and every second counts if you want SPAAAAAAAAAAAACE!

4. Scheduling Posts

Oh. My. Giddy. Aunt.

If you're not on Steempeak, you're crazy. Get on it. There's a function that allows you to auto post when you're not even tied to your computer. No more "Excuse me everyone, but I have to post this link" or freaking out you don't have wifi and are on a trip away and can't post!

There's two reasons you might want to do this.

a.) you are actually going on away into one of those blissful no connection zones, finding real spaaaaaaaaace, or maybe you're forcing yourself to have a digital detox for a whole 12 hours, like I did once...
b.) ...or you want to catch specific time zones to increase the chances you'll be seen in someone's feed and can't post as you need 12 hours sleep, like I did once.

5. Discord is A Friend and an Enemy

I love Discord and to be honest Steemit isn't Steemit without it. I love my connections there and hang out a lot in @freedomtribe, @earthtribe, @tribesteemup, @ecotrain and @smg, amongst others. And of course the best account of all, @naturalmedicine. Let alone the little micro convos I have going on with close friends here.

But if you want to get a post written, DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT listen to your Discord alerts or even go there. It'll survive without you.

I'm trying to set aside time for Discord and separate it from my Steemit time - and this is hard, I tell you! Yet I get a lot more done if I stick to this rule.

6. Everything is Steem Inspiration - Write it Down

Anyone notice you're still steeming even if you're away from your computer? J. laughs that I only do half the things I do so I can steem about it. Whilst this isn't entirely true, I do often have ideas on the go. But our mind tends to go over and over those things until they are DEALT with, and we worry we'll forget. So, jot it down on your list, and be done with it. Create spaaaaace in your mind for other things to happen.

7. Compartmentalise: We Are Bad at Multi-tasking.

Multitasking is an ABSOLUTE myth. Our brain only EVER concentrates on one thing at once. The switch from one task to another takes our brains time - say, moving from chatting to a two year old to cooking tea to answering the phone to thinking about work. What this means is that we often do things badly - we burn the soup, don't listen properly to our partners and wire our brains with anxiety over things not quite dealt with.

By giving mindful attention to each thing, we're actually doing a far better job. Make a time for writing when you're not busy with other things. Right now, I have given myself half an hour to write this post before I get out of bed and that's nice - once I'm up, and the post is scheduled, I'll be on with my day. I'm not sure I'll have time to throw some images in, but I know that around lunchtime whilst I'm having my cuppa I can spend ten minutes doing just that. Why waste time now when the day is so gorgeously SPRING out there and I wanna go catch that low tide and get some waves? Find some spaaaaaace out there in the big wide ocean and crisp blue skies?

8. Templates

Steempeak not only has a section for drafts and scheduled posts, but for templates too. You can create a template for, say, the curation you post every week, or a basic format for image mark-up and your banners, and then all you need to do is then save that template as a draft and off you go writing. Too easy!

9. The Refresh Button is Your Enemy

Once you post, be done with it. People will comment or they won't. They'll upvote or they wont. Sitting there waiting for the kettle to boil takes longer, doesn't it? Go live your life. Find some freeeeeedom away from the screen. Then it'll be a pleasant suprise when you come back to find that you have some interaction and a few upvotes and you can set the clock and spend 5 or 10 minutes answering people

10. Set Time Aside for other Important Tasks - More Comparmentalising

a) Being part of a community is essential for a good Steem experience. Set time aside for that. This could be every second day for a good hour, or every day for half an hour. However you break it up, set the clock and set your limits. It's super important that you go and talk to people - don't be so self absorbed in your own posting that you don't participate elsewhere.

b) Choose a time in each week for other important housekeeping. Again, this is when lists and calendars come in handy - and it's important to stick to them. I have a Steemfriend who sets time aside each Monday to review her delegation and dedicate a few small moments to send a delegation to her favoured accounts. It's those kind of things that are essential tasks if you're serious about steeming, but they don't want to take daily time or consume your thoughts.

Well, I have seven minute to get some images in this post, add my banners, and schedule this to post in a day or so - so I'll love you and leave you.

I hope this post has some value for you, and that it'll allow you to have some spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace.

How time consuming do you find Steem? What tricks do you use to find a little more space in your life?



If you're a supporter of all things natural healing, you might like to read our introductory post here. We'd also love to welcome you on Discord here!!






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Noice tips, sometimes I spend a solid day just writing, sun up to sun down. It’s a lot of fun but very exhausting. Still, it’s a great place to release some crazy thoughts :D Steampeak is a god send


Oh my goodness, that was the other point I wanted to make - spend a day every now and then letting off steem, write 6 posts, schedule them and THEN HAVE SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE.


Fantastic post!!! Great advice.

Are you going to enter this into the latest #naturalmedicine contest? Maybe being the admin you shouldn’t, but I think this is pragmatic advice for dealing with stress, anxiety, time management in the Steemscape.

I have the next couple of days devoted to putting together a number of posts and scheduling those, as I know the rest of the week is going to be cray-cray.

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I don't quite believe you just said cray cray. Never mind I will look past it.

I'll be definitely writing for the challenge but I won't be putting myself in for the prize. I actually have two more posts plans about mental health on the go. I would definitely say that it is very usually about creating space in all kinds of ways. I have a couple of hours now to do some steaming and then I'll probably be a bit late on over the next few days.

I simply don't have time and energy for much screen time. I do my writing in the morning, around 4 AM, until it's light enough to go outside to work.

I could not set a timer to make a post, as chances are good, due to the disability, I'd never finish one. Each post takes me a very long time to write. I do it in Word first adding photos as I go. Once it's finalized, I post it. The final proof it and send.

Even writing comments takes a while...


I admire you so much for the things you achieve both here and on your homestead. Trust me on Steempeak though... it makes life easier. X

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You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

As I run two accounts, it's imperative I do so - and I map mine in a rough calender so I know what is coming out on what dates.
It should be calendar instead of calender.


The irony of this does not escape me. 'As I run two accounts, I don't give a fuck about occasional typos or spelling mistakes'.

Yassss great post. I always and I mean ALways need better time management skills. I'm so enthusiastic and spontaneous by nature that often... Things like making lists and creating space and time for things just escapes me.
My hubby and I are working together on it though! And we hung a white board up in the house. We literally use it daily, for everything. It's helped us through some things that would have otherwise been super stressful (like moving, traveling, etc). And now if we have a time management or organizational puzzle to work on, our go to is the whiteboard.
Also. Writing things by hand is a form of biohacking! It's gives you great access to the subconscious. 🤩👍
Great post. Resteeming.


Thank you. Oh yes writing by hand is known to be far better. Yet here we are all typing. We have a Blackboard in our house as well. Dinner plans for the week, who is doing work on what day etc. Jamie forgets to look at it though. I had to laugh niigata whiteboard for his garage so he could write down for the things you need to do to do and keep on top of for the Land Rover rebuilt. It still has the same four things on it that he finished a month ago oh, and he is done about a million things since then. I asked him about it the other day. What whiteboard he said. No wonder you get stressed with all these thoughts flying around his head.

SteemPeak has definitely been a game changer. Being able to save ideas as "drafts" and being able to upload photos when they are being taken and just putting them inside a "frame" for later use is SO much more time efficient than using Steemit "proper."

On the whole, I'm a big proponent of technology breaks on a regular basis. Too much screen time makes us lose our minds, I think.

Good tips!



Thankyou!!! Too much screen time is definitely no good for us!

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Ooh Mama! Good stuff here! That Discord is so tempting though!! 😆

Yep, the lists are huge! And isn't that funny- I stop making them when I'm busy too and that's the time I need them most!

I keep hearing about Steempeak. Definitely going to have to look into that! Thanks!


Oh that's too true... too busy for lists!!!!

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I had no idea about Steampeak or that you could schedule posts!! Lots of great tips here for people like me that crave lots and lots of Spaaace.


Thankyou! I was hoping to get people onto Steempeak because it's super awesome!! Game changer!!


I didn't know about it either. What would be really helpful to me, a total Neanderthal, is when people mention these programs or whatever they are, they would either provide a link, or perhaps a direction to directions on how to use them. I see all these different things mentioned but have no idea how to find them, and then, to use them....


@goldenoakfarm, the link is , and you log in via steemconnect, just as you do Steemit. When you get there, you'll find it very intuitive, I promise. If you're not sure, please ask me anything and I'll help. Did you see my last post on the features Steempeak offers? This might help you find your way around the platform. I do hope it helps make your life easier in some way! I didn't know about it until 2 weeks ago either! it took a few days to get a handle on, but now I'm sold and I'm there all of the time!


I went to the link, and it is sorta easy to get started. Too tired tonight to figure it out. But I've got it bookmarked, so.....

Thanks for all the help!


You're welcome - any time! I think you'll love it!

Great post! I'm new to Steem so this doesn't yet feel like my experience here but I can see how it could. On the other hand it really well describes the rest of my life! Two years ago I gave up on having a job, and now seem to have about 8 of them. I've been mostly feeling like I'm not doing anything well, and so recently invested some time and effort in properly setting goals, scheduling my work and making sure I'm concentrating on one thing at a time. Thanks for the reminder!

We-need-more-timeeeEEEEeeeEeeEeeEeEEeeEee! This thing will either make us meet one day, or make us all crazy. I'm sure about that \o\

I try to follow your advices all the time, but the sneaky chicken 4 wingged ninja time is faster than me.


Ahahaha!!!! I think we're already crazy Mr P!! Did you watch the lion clip? I think it's actually meant to be a Puma, but he's Brazillian, so made me think of you.... I can imagine him on a bicycle.....

You write this in an half hour!? Wish my native language was English! 😅

Anyhow great tips! Everyone needs to take his/her offline time away from the screen, way better for your health. And why does everyone feels the pressure that they need to write a post? Just create the list with things you want to write about just so you won't forget and continue next time you see your screen again.
People you need to communicate with will get your answer another time. Best part about Discord and Steemit conversations, messages will stay there during the time your gone. Hopefully your tips help some people to create that space.

Shall we keep one simple rule? A good post will bring you the same exposure when you post it the day after or the day after that. You put your heart in it while writing, others will notice that. Maybe in two weeks it's raining cats and dogs and everyone is on holiday. You got plenty of time to create 10 posts on forehand during that day.

GO Steemians GO! Live your life and hang loose 🤙

#6 oye. So true. Everything is inspiration. I have to stop myself from taking pics sometimes and just enjoy the moment to enjoy it, and not share it. And getting outside is sooooooooo necessary. Glad to see your perspective on this. As for limiting my Steem time, um... not so good at that. lol! ;)

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Thanks so much for the tips. I was beginning to worry because I was really enjoying Steemit and trying to get lots of quality posts up there I kind of felt like I was getting addicted but I love my life in the "real" world too. This helps me to make space for that and get what I want done on Steemit without sweating it. Thanks again! Oh and I'll have to try Steempeak. I was concerned that it wouldn't be the same as if you posted directly to Steemit but I see it is just a tool to help you blog on Steemit, correct?


Yes!!!! That's it EXACTLY!! Its just like another way to steem.. Busy, Partiko, Steempeak all allow post and interact. But Steempeak is next level and there's always updates and new features whilst that never happens with Steemit @porters. Let me know what you think. It's how Wren can post every day even if on holidays.. it's scheduled! So sometimes you can write 3 posts and have 3 days off!!!

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Yep definately have to check it out but not tonight for It's getting time for some shut eye. I'm keeping busy just getting my post out for QOTW and challenges that I just jump into what is familiar to do them but I will check out SteemPeak to make my life easier. Thanks again for the info!