Minnows Race To Cash Out: An Anomaly That Must Be Addressed

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I am wondering why the cry over Poloniex disabling sbd and steem deposit has been so loud all over steemit lately. Does it really mean that alot of people want to cash out?

When you hear several cries from minnows about their post earning so little and you see them always want to cashout without powering up then your eyes will be opened to what is possibly happening.

A Lot Of People Come To Make Fast Cash From Steemit

It does look like this is what is happening. Looks like alot of people just come to steemit to make fast cash to spend. These set of people are mostly minnows and newbies.

They are the first to complain that whales are marginalizing them yet they are not building their steem power. Do you think that those whales and dolphins were cashing out like you do now when they first started?

You Cannot Eat Your Cake And Have It Back

Yes there is no way you will eat your cake and still have it back. You come to steemit and you do not want to invest in it but you want to reap like people who have been investing since the start of the platform. NO WAY!!!THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN.

If you want to be a whale or dolphin you must stop cashing out every cent you make in steemit all the time. You have to power up and invest in the platform. You want big votes but you don't want to invest? Change your mindset now brother.

Way Forward

Stop cashing out every penny you make in steemit. Power up your earnings and grow in power. Buy steem from outside and power up in steemit if you can. Stop watching Poloniex's disabling or non-disabling of steem and steem deposit.

Invest in steemit today so that you can reap tomorrow. Bible said that seed time and harvest time shall not cease. Now is the time to sow seed that you will harvest tomorrow.

Every whale and dolphin you see here has paid their dues. You dont become one by wishful thinking.

It is imoral for anyone to come here to make fast cash daily and still turn around to blame whales and dolphins for their supposed low earnings.

Let Us Join Hands To Buid The Community

Yes together we can work to push up this platform to enviable height. We all want the price of steem and steem dollars to rise. It will not happen when everyone is always rushing to Poloniex to sell. It will happen if we all power up and make steem and steem dollar scarce.

I am not saying that if you have a need for cash that you cannot make use of what you have but I am saying that making this platform look like a place to come and make quick cash is not helpful to anyone.


I learnt the game of power up from my sister @maryfavour when I first joined this platform. Hers is a success story because she is always powering up even now.

Powering up increases your voting power and increases your stake in the blockchain. Those who are powering up are the real investors in this blockchain so join now.

Do not complain tomorrow about how whales are not upvoting you, if you are not powering up, because they have the right to manage their investment the way they deem fit.

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I feel sorry for weak hands in the crypto space, I've been on cryptos for over 6 months now and I can say through experience, HODL on projects like this..POWER IT UP! I'd be a fool to sell right now when in 6 months my account can be 5X its value + all the steem power you generate along the way. It's all about making a small incremental investments, 5-10$ here and there adds up over a couple of months.


Perfect bro. You are right. The problem is the people who don't invest on the platform form the bulk of complainants. Always alleging that whales are dolphins are marginalizing them.


What about this one. The quality of the one i gave you was a little low.



Thank you. So it cannot be done together as the gif animation?


Since i didnt design the second part i cannot do that. But it could be done. Animating the "Upvote, Follow, Resteem, Comment." I am just not great at the Gifs. Maybe if i have time i can try.

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You gotta stay loyal to the cause. Well said post.


Thank you for your commendation.

This is true my friend, I just invested some dollars into steem power and will be investing more to get better influence :) Thanks for the post


Great idea...

hey bro this is the best post after my 1 week experience at steemit...really i have learnt a lot if tips from this post.....will surely try to power up everything I do to steemit :)


I am glad this benefited you. Welcome to steemit. I hope we build this platform together.


thats what made to resteem and follow you .........hope u continue posting interesting stuff like this :)

I know how important powering up is - and I want to invest everything that I can because I see how much better it would be in the long run. But I also see the other side and that's the fact that some people come to Steemit because they want to improve their lives in place of the usual workforce.

This probably does not apply to newbies and minnows but cashing out could be a goal for someone who wants to work less and spend time with family. Or actually support their family entirely.

Or poverty. I see a lot of articles about using Steemit to overcome poverty. This is an immediate need. You can't invest anything when you are starving. The short term shouldn't be cast off completely.

Obviously investing this money for the future is a desire but the immediate need is also there. If the money has been earned and can improve the lives of your loved ones in here and now I feel bad for all of these articles that say it's pretty much wrong.


Well no one said if you have a need and you have money here that you should not utilize it. What we are saying is that it is wrong to see here as a place to come and make quick cash and leave. That is not the purpose.

At the end of the day, someday, you will still have to use your money but we are encouraging people to invest in the platform to grow it which is not asking too much.

I also used the opportunity to berate those who are always complaining about whales and dolphins when they don't want to pay the price to be one themselves. You cannot be cashing out all the time and still be dreaming to be a dolphin in the future.

hi there - if lots of people cash in their accounts - how does it affect the system in its entirety? I would love to know specifics please as to how it affects others...

Thank you for this. I didnt know earlier that you need to power up your steem. Quite informative. I will start doing that.


Great to know that this benefited you.

I for one have yet to cash out anything.
I'm all about powering up.
Got into this for the long haul.
Getting close to my milestone of 1000sp all through organic growth.
Working on becoming a whale, not complaining about their behaviour.


Great strategy and you shall surely get their


I'm at 834 now. Been here lil over a month.
I'm happy with my progress


Amazing Story indeed. I need to learn alot from you. Congrats.

Isnt there like a feature you power down as a new minnow, you cant even vote much?


No such feature just that when you don't have much steem power, your vote will not be worth much.

I totally agree to your opinion. Everybody must support steemit.com by powering it up for it to go stronger.


No better way to say it brother.

Two thumbs up! I am new to steemit, I am one of the minnows but powering up is what I believe a good idea...so.....I vote this post and resteem...l am thinking too of powering up! My dream is to become one of the whales someday...


If you wish to be a whale someday, you have to start thinking like one. They are investors...

I'm trying to cash out some of the SBD I've earned but at the same time I'm pumping in some into SP as well. I just need some money now for my expenses :(


Not a bad idea if there is no other way to solve the problems after all you have to be alive first before you get rich.

I think that investing in this plateform and steem is so important , we have to look further , the price of steem will increase , and if we have a strong power we will increase our earning and developpe this smart plateform ( sorry for my english:)
i follow you thanks for sharing


I completely agree with you brother. Followed you back.


thanks you have a great blog , i will tell my friends to follow you

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I actually wanting the withdrawal to move my STEEM investment into Steem Power and improve my general curation ability and long-term attachment to Steem...

I may be an anomaly.


I see I am only talking about Cashing out....

Do hope people are taking this to heart. People need to realize this is a investment not a get rich quick scheme. I'd rather power up and re-invest. i think steem is going to be huge.


I cant agree less.


Our commitment will pay off in the long run.

Excellent! I second all of these points, and just invested 1000 USD into SP!

I'm really digging the cool voting slide bar pop up. Apparently is something you get when your wallet crosses 1k..... Seriously, I'm really happy about holding SP longterm.

Good posts, Upvoted and I'm Already following.


Yes you get that when your SP passes 500 sp. Congratulations brother. We need more investment minded people here.

Everything you say in this is truth.


Thank you...