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RE: is cheating the system and trying to hurt others for self gain!

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Steemit Byteball airdrop

Hey everybody,

if the spammer has spammed your posting with the biggest letters he could find and you clicked on the link to read a sensation, let us help that your time is not wasted.

Currently Byteball is performing an airdrop on Steemit. All you have to do is open the wallet here and open the Steem Bot there.
All further instructions can be found in the chatbot.

Leave your Byteball wallet adress under this posting, that we can send you 700.000 Bytes.

It took us about 10 minutes and we received Byteballs worth 80 USD. Byteball is still listed ob many exchanges, so you can sell it if you want.

Don't wait too long, the coins are limited.


If you don't flag for no reason... What was the reason you chose to flag me? your a shameless flagger who won't do research before setting out to cause harm... You are worse than the wallet spammer you claim to be trying to teach a lesson, dragging innocent people into your petty feud.

And that's if your story is even true...

At least I provided proof with my accusation.... You now claim that is too hard for you to show proof, and decided to just throw anyone onto your random shit list.
You have set out to intentionally target resteem services(the proof is shown above and anyone can jump on steemworld and explore even further, I only looked at the last 2 days... I'm certain this wouldn't be new behavior to a person like yourself)..
Take a good look at yourself and your own actions on steemit. Your account is detrimental to the growth of steemit. I'm not going to get involved in a flagging war... I haven't had to flag anyone yet, but hopefully more people will become aware of your childish, selfish behavior and will stop using your service. This is a Comunity, and one that would be better off without people like yourself, the sooner people become aware of you the better!

And you even upvote your own comments lol... Yeah your a great role model to advocate poor behavior on the block chain! has neglected to mention the above is a referal link and he will make money from you signing up.
don't get me wrong byteball is great. I urge you to sign up also. But why give this crook your referal bonus.
I'm am not affiliated with this guy... But he is offering to pay you for using his referral... has now offered 50k byte to use his referal. This link will give you 600k, and that is what he has offered all along.


I gave you a chance to explain, you chose to try and ignore it... The proof is all there Can you provide any proof to back up your accusations?

It will be tough considering your wrong, and there is none!

Lol not a sensation when there is proof mate, nice try!

Now he is offering more... But you'd still be giving money to a judgmental hypocrite!

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