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I recently read an article about "phubbing" and the extensive damage it can do to my marriage. Since I'm often in trouble in my marriage, I immediately read the article with fear and trembling.

"Phubbing" is a new word speaking of snubbing your spouse by being more engaged with your phone than with him or her. And I think this is a very real marital problem. But I also think it has been a problem for as long as people have been getting married. Before the cell phone, it was the TV. And before the TV, it was the newspaper.

Being less engaged with your spouse after having been together for years, is not an ailment caused by technology. It is part of the human condition. And we should be intentional in combatting the everpresent decline of our relationships and work towards greater engagement and greater connectedness.

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To tell the truth, technology and social media have aided me in getting more connected. I lost contact with all but one of my high school friends. 20 years after graduating, Facebook changed all that and now I have regular contact with a bunch of them. And I have seen what a bunch more look like nowadays and where they ended up in life and on this planet.

As a result of Steemit and Kryptonia, I have started to interact with a whole bunch of new people from all over the world. They have been helpful and friendly and very welcoming. My family and I recently moved house and we now live in a new townhouse complex with about 20 units. This happened about two weeks after I discovered Steemit through my friends @koevert and @shadowofmywords. In short, I engaged with two new communities (one online and one in the 'real' world) at about the same time. The experiences have been markedly different.

The online community actively reached out to me and I have had many very real conversations. I have received lots of advice and welcome messages. And at Kryptonia two completely unconnected and random people gave me Supercoin to get me started. For no apparent reason!

In my new house, one neighbour came to say hello and welcomed us. It was, however, a chance encounter as we entered the complex at the same time. I met another neighbour, after knocking on his door to introduce myself. The conversation was polite and no word of welcome was spoken. And, oh yes, I got a complaint from another neighbour because my son keeps kicking a ball into her yard.

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I do not think this is universal but the comparison shouts at me. Technology is something we use. And we get to decide how we use it. Let's make good choices. Let's engage. Let's connect.

I would be very interested in your opinion. Especially if you disagree.


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As a psychologist myself, I think, Phubbing is important to some extent. You cannot be each other 100% of you time; you need some space too; however, there should be balance. All the time Phubbing is detrimental to the relationship.
Interesting post @reonlouw , and I found you from Kryptonia where you revoked me :D
Sorry, I am new to it, and don't know how to use it :)
Followed you.

Hi @monajam. This is all new to me too. And thus you are the first person I meet after 'revoking' them. I currently do not have access to Kryptonia but as soon as I do, I'll send you the Supercoin I revoked. That should be a better start to a friendship... :-)
I primarily use Kryptonia to get people to interact with me on Steemit and revoke the payment if that does not happen. But now it has happened. Thank you!

I don't actually understand what would happen to me if someone revokes me; but no need to send supercoins :)
I am glad I met you, and yes, I am also using Kryptonia to promote my steemit posts. I will be soon starting to post contests, and then I will promote them on Kryptonia.

I can relate to this unfortunaely. Didn't know there was a word for it though :)

It was a brand new discovery for me too @sydesjokes. Let's see if it survives...

Thank you for engaging!

Buen post, informacion interesante

Thank you @fireonxas.

Phubbing? First time I hear about it. The smartphone or should I say, the world wide web, does open a whole new world to many people world wide for sure. It can be and probably is great for many of us. But... it is not the real world plus it should not rule your life. If you are not able to have a normal conversation with thr people around you there is something wrong for real. I feel very annoyed most people are checking their phone every second every where. Mainly living their life by it.
It is sad to discover time after time they do not listen to 1 word you say at all.
Spouse, children, friends.. all busy.. it is no fun any longer to be around with them. All geeks of the internet life.
For those who are single and lonesome it probably is a great friend. They can go out for a drink with their cell phone without feeling miserable. Who uses his phone is indispensable right?

They say it becomes a very real addiction to check your phone all the time. It could leave you flustered and panicked when you are unable to check it. But that is a story for another day.

I know that kind of people very annoying (most of the times I leave mine at home, something other people do find annoying as well).
Looking forward to that story.

I love my iPhone and my Kryptonia account is @ianstevenson

Thank you @ianstevenson. Love your smile...

Another new word in town, live and learn daily @reonlouw

Look forward to seeing your posts in Tasks on @kryptonia and in #teamsouthafrica many new friends excited to share.

Thank you @joanstewart. You are appreciated.

I can relate though. It has no problem in adopting with this technologies as long as we should still maintain to give time to some priorities. Discipline is the key but it takes discipline to practice discipline haha. Thank you for this @reonlouw! Got you from Kryptonia @wilsonblue5

Discipline is the key but it takes discipline to practice discipline haha.

Haha yes. That is quite a conundrum.

I get 'phubbed' all the time. I just explain how it makes me feel and lucky for me, I am heard, and understood. Upvote and resteem courtesy of Jerry32 from kryptonia.

Thank you @sanitizemylife. That is a very good approach!

Ohh phubbing is one of the real cause of some misunderstanding of many families nowadays! Im not an exception though. Thanks to you learned the word from you and the REMINDER to lessen phubbing and give more time to our beloved ones. Upvoted; commented and resteemed by rubelynmacion of krypto

Great! Thank you!

I need to check dictionary for this word again and come back for better reply

@oxygenbaba, I suspect it is too new to be in a dictionary. And may not survive long enough to make it to a dictionary. It is simply a combination of phone and snub, describing a very current phenomenon. But please let me know if you find it in a dictionary.

Technology realy change life for me. Kryptonia- @reatimtim

It has been a gamechanger, has it not. And like everything, it has advantages and disadvantages.

Haha I love the term that was used though!
Upvoted, resteemed and obviously commented.
Kryptonia: @sydney_audry


Thank you for doing the task.

Its really interesting to know there is a word for this...
Kryptonia @bitcoinpaul

I think the word will only survive if we keep on doing it. And I think it likely that we will...

You are right. We used social media for us to be connected with relatives but sometimes social media isn't helpful specially for fake news.

Agreed @itsjessamae

very informative article thanks for sharing Kryptonia id @duquejunalyn

Thank you @duquejunalyn

so true.. from Kryptonia @jemacris01

Thank you for completing the task, @jemacris01

Interesting word. Id: alejandromata

Yes. So many new things...

Thank you for doing the task.

Thank you for doing the task.

Hi reon louw, me too! I upvoted, commented and resteemed your post. In other words, i completed the task but it seems that i did not receive d reward coz my coins remain the same after i did your task. Hope you can go over. Thank yoi!

The coins go into pending in your bank on they are unlocked after 14 days. This is automated.

Hi. Please confirm that you still have not received the Supercoin. If so, I will try and rectify.

Yes i did not receive any reward from you. I already checked from my krptonia account.