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RE: Took a 6-month hiatus. What did I miss?

in #steemit6 years ago (edited)

Welcome back... I returned also after leaving for 8 months.. we are
Your #5 sealed the deal on me coming back. It has to easy to load images.


Thanks, welcome back to you too :)

#5 was never really on my wish list, but is an awesome and unexpected feature, for sure. Still disappointed that PMs don't work yet, it's one of the last few items that are truly missing. That and profile pages. Then Steemit can truly compete with the old MySpace, reddit and FB at once :)

I have never joined any of those 3 so I don't know what I am missing. PMs can be a good thing and/or a bad thing. Depends on a lot of factors.

Please elaborate how PMs can be a bad thing...? I'm genuinely curious, it's as if a whole discussion went past me!

LOL I am generally an optimist. it comes. Depends.. on the messages you receive.

You DO have a point. I often wonder how everyone seems to suspect I'm in the market for a penis enlargement.

Doesn't even take private messages for you to mention your penis size or the question thereof by someone else this is what I'm talking about yes you understand

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