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Contest winner: @rye05 https://steemit.com/pilipinas/@rye05/1st-filipino-blog-contest-aking-artikulo-gabay-para-sa-mga-bago please resteem his blog.

For the runner-up, @emonemolover https://steemit.com/contest/@emonemolover/gumamit-ng-tags-na-kaugnay-sa-iyong-paksa-blog-contest I will send 5SBD to her account.

To, everyone else... Please stay tuned for the next contest. And watch how much @rye05's blog makes for winning.


Write a blog about a feature commonly misunderstood here on Steemit. Explain it, in Tagalog or Bisaya, in the simplest way you can. Feel free to use other Steemit blogs for reference, as long as you translate them in your own words.


Steemit is a bit complicated, and overwhelming to newer users. Even something that we all do everyday "Upvote", has a lot of misinformation surrounding the way it really works.


Since English, is only a secondary language here, some of these technical white-papers can cause 'nose-bleed', and be intimidating to newer users.

The best blog will be boosted, and all applicants will agree to resteem the winning blog

This blog will be boosted for at least 10 SBD... There is a good chance, that it could do much better if you put in more effort :)

After you publish the blog, submit the link in the comments below for submission.

  • The deadline for submission will be; 10/6 @ 8pm (However, if you don't make the deadline... It's still a great help to us all, and will be a great blog for you.)



lol tlgang naka mention, cge thanks, try ko rin sumali

Hi sis.Thank you. Following @rcarter.witness now

join ka sis.. baka interesado ka... Tagalog or Bisaya pwede

yes sis. wala ng nose bleed habang nagtatype. hahaha

hahah... para d masayang ang cotton

Wow, napakagandang idea to @rcarter.witness
This will help to enlighten others for the misunderstood item or word in steemit.

Hhmmm im starting to think what is that be the most common mistake commited in this platform.

I will try to submit one but let me think first... thinking deep.. lol

That is why I am holding this contest... because as we blog about the unfamiliar, we learn while we teach :)

I look forward to seeing your entry.


Im definitely participating, when is the deadline?

Sorry, I forgot to add that in when I edited it. by tomorrow @ 8pm :)

yeah this is nice man. I surely participating this contest :D

You should have :)

Good payouts for those that did.

I will hold more in the future.


Nice! @bonjovey @sunnylife are we in or out? hehe

I will write it in Waray and @bonjovey in bisaya :)

cge karerin ko bukas magkaiba tau ng time sana maka abot ako
bukas ko pa ma submit ang bilis ng deadline ngayon ko lang nakita.
thnx sis.

Extended @sunnylife

Because of downtime :)

thanks so much:) we need 2 days extension hehee

There will be more contests... especially when I get my delegation back ;) more participants will come in also

You almost did this same blog earlier :) That is how I got the idea, because of questions the community had surrounding upvoting.


Thanks, @emonemolover!

Since Steemit was down awhile today, I extended it for 24 hours :)


I got my prize!😍 THANKS A LOT @rcarter.witness! 😊 more participants for the next contest...

Mag tagalog na lang ako sis kase di ako marunong mag bisaya hehe. ☺️

go for it bro @aace234
di ko pa ma put into words e hahahahaa

when the deadline of submission?

Tomorrow, by 8pm :) Sorry... Forgot to add it when editing.

ah.. i see heheh 'thats ok and when we made a blog do we have to post here on comment section ?

No, that would be a comment. Not a blog :) Post it on your own wall, and then submit the link here. Great questions.... I should edit that also :D


yes i mean.. post link and put here on the comment section 😊

Still have time for entry.... Will be worth it :)

Noted, and thanks for the submission. I will read them all by the deadline, and figure out the most fair way to choose a winner :)


Oh, and sorry... I just glanced over it. This is not the correct contest you are applying for, and it will have to be a new blog based on the rules I set forth.

Good job though :)

great thanks! :)) you might like to participate in our event in this coming October 15 with @purepinay, haven't got any response from her yet hehe https://steemit.com/promo-steem/@fernwehninja/steemph-cebu-will-join-the-world-food-day-feed-the-hungry-campaign-october-15-2017-update-calling-cebu-philippines-volunteers

Thanks, we would... However, we will be in Thailand at that time, until the beginning of November.

Keep us posted, and great job!


ah i see , i remember she mentioned that she'll have a vacation in Thailand , yayy !! enjoy your stay there , it's one of the great destination to travel :)))) extend my regards to Gilaine :))

Kabayan salamat sa malasakit mo kay JUAN! narito ang aking sulat na isususumite!


Quite an interesting idea

i just saw this post huh! So tomorrow? I will do my best.
tagalog post. Rock n roll!!

Thank you kapatid for sharing this with me, I'll start my own na.

Tonight, by 8pm :D


Extended, see title of blog :)

Tag any friends that may be interested, that are not following me :)

(upvoted for views)

Congrats to @rye05 and @emonemolover :D

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mukang maganda to ah..nice one...

This is great, will join this one.

Extended until 10/7 8pm because of downtime :)

Congratulations on winning :)

Thank you very much for the opportunity :-)

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Thanks for sharing :-) @rcarter.witness I am following. Best of Luck !

Good luck to all :)

Your post up is impressive. Followed @rcarter.witness

hehehe its ok

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