the HOT SEAT with.....@knozaki2015 (the best gift ever, the worst pick up lines, where to take your date for guaranteed success and more pervy stuff inside! )

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Welcome to the fourth episode of.....

*****THE HOT SEAT*****

Tonight, my guest is @knozaki2015.
I could stop here because trying to describe this guy is almost impossible. Traveler, foodie, techie...he's been everywhere, ate everything and seen stuff that not many mere humans had seen. How? We don't know.
In this fact, the craziest interview so far....I try to find out more about him and maybe get a clue as to who he is. Was I lucky? Read on:D

NOTE: This interview took place over TOR on an out of the box laptop that @knozaki2015 requested to be smashed upon finish. Also, I was blindfolded all the time. Enjoy!!

Oh, yes, before we begin, based on all we know about him - and because I am forced to use a photo - here's a portrait of what I think he might look like.

Let's begin!

Raz: @knozaki2015! Thank you for joining me here on the HOT SEAT. Are you ready to start?
knozaki: Hello and thank you for having me. Glad to answer ANY question
R: Where are you now?
K:On a farm with no internet
R: ....first question!

R: Let's talk about what are you, really? Some people swear you must be an A.I, some that you are a hitman...
K:I am not A.I, but there might be a microchip from the future in my brain. I might have special forces training by the North Korean government, but I can neither deny nor confirm that. But, yes, that photo looks a bit TOO much like did you come up with it? seemed right to me
K:next question ;)

R: I feel that you spend a lot of your life in planes, what's a secret that only high fliers know?
K:I am not sure if only they know it but...joining the mile high club is worth the risk!
R:For those unaware...The term mile-high club is term applied collectively to individuals who have sex while flying
What, how? Those bathroom are so small and like, it seems so complicated. I kind of gave up on that..
K:Easy, do you it with a flight attended, they have a crew quarters. Plenty of space there though easier to get busted. So the faster you finish, the easier. Shouldn’t be too difficult for 80% of men anyway...
R:SHOTS FIRED!! Oh wait! I got it. Are you a pilot?!
K:It's funny what theories people have about me...but NO! I had training in an A340 and Boeing 777. But for reasons I can’t disclose I am banned piloting commercial planes for life. But I can certainly tell you that I fly more miles on my butt per year than your average pilot.

K: I have this badge somewhere...

R: I remember when you appeared on Steemit. All of a sudden I kept seeing you everywhere. You used to send people free coffees and such. What's the most outrageous thing you gave someone?
K:I paid for a flight ticket of someone I never met before. That guy was asking for 100$ to buy a plane ticket. We went to the ticket-counter and I bought him that ticket which did cost 150$.
R:Wow, really? I need to hear more about this. Why did you do that? I just can't see many people doing something like for a stranger.
K:I just believed that guy, he seemed honest and trustworthy. So it was a split second decision. But it was really ot such a big deal. I donate 20% of my salary to good causes in real life and I am approximately donating 25% of my Steemit earnings to Steemers too.

R:That's really nice of you. But you never sent me a coffee. Why don't you like me?!
K:Are you sure?Let me make up to you! So...I'll award some coffee for the best question, best comment, weirdest comment and maybe some more. Ask anything in the comments, guys and gals! I'll try to answer later b t way! is this making up to ME?!

R:I'm curious though, what can one gift to a person like you. What's the best gift you had ever received?
K:The best I ever received was 2 Berkshire Hathaway Shares
R:Don't tell me..from Warren himself?!
K:Unfortunately...No! But the gift came from someone related to the family so that's pretty special anyway

R:Seriously, what would be the best gift, something that would really impress you?
KI think something like cooking with my favorite chef on TV would be something I would love. Playing as a substitute player for Barcelona for 5 Minutes in a La Liga game would be awesome...yeah, that's the best
R:CAN ANYONE MAKE THIS HAPPEN!? Come on, this will take all of us!
K:Find me in chat if you can, I'll fly to BCN tomorrow ;)
R:But are you any good at football?
K:Well, I don't want to brag but i can very much survive 5 minutes with Barca without anybody noticing i am not a pro. But I'm willing to be proven wrong!

R:Yeap! looks good!!

R:I know that you are foodie. Given your VAST expertise tell me Where and What would you eat for:

  • Your last meal:
    K:I would eat with my best friends at some yatai in Japan
  • On a hot date
    K:On a Virgin Galactic Space shuttle while watching the earth from 380,000 feet
  • if you crave some fast food
    K:a Titan Burger (Lotteria, Japan)

R:Oh wow..that's a HUGE burger

R:* So, if you had 1sbd for every person you slept with, what would you buy for dinner?*
K:The only thing I would be able to afford would be a Double Double Animal Style ( L.A people will get this ;))

R: What are you most likely to hum during sex?

R:HAHAHAHHA. Perfect, I see the accent is on "I"
K: Never had a complaint yet ;)

R:What's the worst pick up line that worked for you?
K:My friend over there is the cousin of Tom Cruise, you wanna join our suite party?
R:LOL! Was this L.A?
K:Tokyo, Roppongi. My friend from SFO looks like a doppelganger of Tom Cruise, and basically there was a hype among the girls that our entourage was related to Tom Cruise, that was enough! Fun times
R:That's a weird win for Tom Cruise as well...ok, we talked about him too much. next!!

R:You've been mostly everywhere, what's the weirdest place you've ever been and why is that?
K:Not many people will believe that but I was at Fukushima after the melt-down. My friends place was in one of the forbidden zones but we managed to sneak in there. Everything is like in a post apocalypse movie, really weird and that makes you think about alternative energy and I was happy when I was back to Tokyo in my Hotel…That's not something I'd want to see twice.
R:Wow. I've seen photos and it's insane. here is an article with more photos if you guys want to see how it was. Absolutely mad to have been there...

R:So..wait does this mean you're Japanese?!
K:Well, I left a picture clue exposing my nationality in one of my Miami posts, nobody had found that clue yet...

R: What's the most awkward thing you have ever experienced/seen?
K:I was introduced to a mother of my ex-girlfriend. The mother and I got drunk and well…. The funny thing is that the worst thing said after the girlfriend caught us was: “Mum you are such a whore”. I got out of there FAST!
R:Yeah, that fits the "awkward" definition....but I have to ask...which one was better in bed?
K:Obviously I can’t answer that question because I respect them both, but If asked in general I would say go with the older lady, you won't regret ;(
K:If I were a pornstar, that story would have ended with the mother,you, your girlfriend, daughter and me in one bed.. So the only porn I am doing is FOOD PORN! ( well, publicly anyway;) )

R:We're ending here with my classic question, what makes you optimistic about the future?
K:You know, I believe that friends and family are the most important things in the world. Before Steemit, I almost gave up on all the so called social networks. The extraordinary people I met on whom are ready to change the world forever, really make me optimist about humanity.
Let me give you an example: I was never able to connect to people in India, but I really met some great guys like @sauravrungta and he made me want to visit India really soon.

Thank you again, @knozaki2015 for joining me!
This was an intense interview and I had a blast! I hope you did too and I'll see you in the comments where knozaki will answer any other questions you might have and award some coffees!

I'll see you next time.

Your host, R.

PS: Who's NEXT?!

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Lol'd out loud at the "I've had the time of my life" bit! Great interview, the man is as mysterious as ever, I am sure lots of people will be looking for that miami clue! :O)


hey masterboom great you liked it ;)


It was great, the idea of half cyborg half assassin suits you!! :O) Seriously tho, I loved the humour between you and the Raz!


why are your comments hidden? what low rating??


That's peculiar? I can't see any reason for them to be hidden!

A very interesting interview of which left us with no more information than we already had...HAHAHAHAHA
It was very entertaining and from what I have seen of @konozaki2015 he is a smart and honorable guy who is doing a lot of great things for Steemit.
I respect the anonymity and appreciate in its place the humor!
Great interview!


hi quinneaker ;) thanks ! but i revealed a lot information here ;) feel totally naked


hahahahah yea like how that photo looks just like you!


yeah, it's pretty close

I came here for soldier 76. I wasnt dissapointed.


ha! i knew someone will catch on that ;)

Cool interview. What is your favorite city to visit?


There is not really one favorite city, but Tokyo for the food comes close to a favorite city

Great interview and post @razvanelulmarin

Question 1 - When was the last time you visited or stopped by L.A.?
Question 2 - Where are you now?


hey streetstyle

Q1: L.A. (8 month ago)
Q2: in transit


I am going to put a bounty to find who you are. Oh lord, he never stop winking, does he? LOL


hrhr ;) this is more information than I ever wanted to disclose.. Liam!


lol. it's very disturbing :D


serej has spoken! but all credit goes to knozaki!


;) well the interviewer has to ask the right questions.. so I think you did a great job here

What a nice interview. I enjoyed reading it.

From what I've seen so far you seem to really like Japan/Tokyo and have been there, I share the same "passion", I would really like to visit Tokyo one day!


I have been almost everywhere in Asia, but as a foodie there is only Japan ;) but asia is the place where in my opinion you get the best food...


This interview took place over TOR on an out of the box laptop that @knozaki2015 requested to be smashed upon finish. Also, I was blindfolded all the time. Enjoy!!

Made me laugh, soo much! ahahahaaa


why thank you! I thought it was rather funny myself :D:D:D


yeah raz is a wizzard. he had to drill holes into the HDD . you know just smashing the laptop wont distroy the data...


Well microwave it, although I doubt that there is a big enough microwave for a "standard size" laptop, hmmm.... hahahahhaa

R: Where are you now?
K:On a farm with no internet
R: ....first question!

Wait.. what :D


Hillarious! I can not believe @knozaki2015 were in Fokushima after the tsunami. Is that not the worst place ever to be after such an event? I mean. There was radiation and such stuff around..


well many people have been there after the tsunami, but there are still zones which are not to be accessed. anyway, the ghost towns are really sad. but i think the worst part is that people started stealing stuff from these houses...


hrhr ;) this is accurate.. so let's see if you can figure it out