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Courtesy to Curation Corner

I have already mentioned on a couple of occasions how impressed I am with the Curation Corner programme on the Ramble Radio, hosted by @shadowspub and @artemisnorth. While introducing la crème de la crème of high quality Steemit produce, these two wonderful hosts are bringing exceptional professionals closer to us. It was on a quiet Curation Corner evening that I met @kaliju and after being completely dazed by the projects and the ideas he presented during the show, I decided to invite him and offer more time on a couple of returns at @ravijojla and @anutu’s show Barbarella. Soon after that, I was most warmly invited to join THE TEAM.


starts to happen...

Fully customizable, to put it in @kaliju’s words – one of the idea holders of this unique blockchain-based, circular-flow model marketplace, dStors.com is community-backed at the most efficient and secure blockchain: Steem and is further enhanced by its own asset: DSC Utility Token. Being a decentralized platform for online trade and travel, DStors is providing you with the options to create your collections of both services and products, making them visibile to a wider public.

The owner of the goods is


Publish and promote your products and services to the concise details and specifics outlined by you, yourself and make them instantly available to buyers. The marketplace allows you to set the product's price for your merchandise in FIAT and display the crypto price at the moment.

Participating in economic activities is awarded

DStors is a marvelous place to find deals and offers that are otherwise not possible on competing platforms. The best gift you can afford here is to eliminate or minimize shipping fees by applying your rewards to your operational costs. The best part I love about it is: No software to download.

E-commerce friendly functions

Being a merchant or a service provider, the marketplace will offer you instant, almost-zero-confirmation cryptocurrency transactions layered with double-spend protection and other added benefits of crypto-rewards distribution per any economic activity on the platform…

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into content journey

DStors is a decentralized online trade and travel platform taking care both of growing your business and providing you with numerous possibilities to spend a quality holiday time on a leisure trip…Or, maybe you prefer to be the one to accommodate travelers, interested in your location. Having an explicit focus on leisure services, the marketplace has a share, occupied by Airbnb. Once settled on the travel market, one can feel nothing else but comfortable on our lodging platform, doing at least two major things – rent out a room or rent a room for certain time.

More under those wraps

Here, one is offered the opportunity to post about their journeys on their platform and once more earn tokens. We are specifically proud to provide you with the ability to turn your entire experience into content and thus suiting you in a familiar environment - the Steem blockchain. Keen to perform a traveling journalist and awarded content writer? Feel free to contact @anutu via

Discord In case you love engaging in community charity projects or would like to promote STEEM locally, traveling around the globe with Dstors is just for you...

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On some special features…

@dstors accommodation listings will have special features including tailored to detail options for the needs of travelers and hosts alike. We are working hard to offer BnB Options and much more shortly. For further details, please refer to the dStors


Packing it


In mind with a wide range of options for community projects sets the variety fan of the marketplace – buy and sell, auctions and giveaways, rent rooms, travel and create content – Dstors is definitely lifting Steemit up from blogging to business level.

Right now on Steemit, many people are using it as a blogging platform or to share their creativity, whether it is their music, photography or artwork. We at dStors want to push this even further and give anyone the ability to become an entrepreneur, where users can manage their own store on the blockchain.
With the Third SteemFest in Krakow, Poland coming up, those of you who happen to be there will have the exclusive opportunity to get more engaged in a roundtable session and direct their questions to one of the DStors initiators - @derangedvisions

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Being a part of that marvellous multi-expertise team is adding more value to my activities on Steemit. To collaborate on daily bases with outstanding professionals @kaliju @anutu @derangedvisions @crazybgadventure @julianmnst @thedarkhorse and @themonkeyzuelans is being terrific while rounding up a whole new produce to be soon experienced and enjoyed. Please, feel free to contact me via DStors server on Discord to share comments, opinion and get more information on the marketing and branding part of this extraordinary trip.



On an important note...

Please consider these most amazing and supportive people as witnesses:
@c0ff33a / @derangedvisions - @enginewitty
@surpassinggoogle / @steemgigs - @yehey
@curie / @markangeltrueman - @good-karma
@therealwolf - @thekitchenfairy
@jatinhota, @guiltyparties, @noblewitness and
Thank you very much!

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Hi - You just got a up-vote from our small Steem-Banat community.

Thank you for using #banat hashtag, and for be a part of our community.

We wish you a lot of success in further work, as well as many interesting pictures, themes and posts.




Hey, Joe! Steem-Banat support, though coming from a small community is very dear to me. Thank you :-)

This is going to be so amazing!!!! I can't wait to watch this unfold :)

and i seriously LOVE @anutu's video hahahaha such a great job!!!!!

You guys make a dynamic team! :)


He did it great. In mind how pretensious I am, he met all my expectations!

Everytime I hear about this, I learn a little more! Thanks for writing about it and sharing some of what you know! 🙂


Just a quick update here, @thekittygirl: the extended Barbarella feat. @kaliju answering questions about dstors.com and Krakow Steemfest3 impressions provided by @enginewitty (possibly) will be on Nov.,the 16th. any questions and comments you may want me to forward to the Dstors idea holders may be posted under Barbarella promo posts or directly DMed to me.


Great! Thank you!


I been promoting dstors over here😉

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Waiting forward to having you with impressions on next Barbarella live Vel-witty ;-)