It's @randowhalebonus time again!!!!steemCreated with Sketch.

in steemit •  2 years ago  (edited)

For the next 8 hours or so everyone who uses @randowhale will receive an additional 10% vote from @randowhalebonus!  Enjoy it while it lasts!

@randowhalebonus will not be applied to votes on comments EVER, main posts only.  Sorry for not including this initially.

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the reply is now getting slower lol

@randowhale is quite busy!!! It's hard to keep up with the restrictions built into the blockchain.

I appreciate it thank you!

This post received a 2% upvote from @randowhale thanks to @roy92! For more information, click here!

more bonus is good :)

This post received a 3% upvote from @randowhale thanks to @maxsteem! For more information, click here!

Cool. that is nice :)

This post received a 1.5% upvote from @randowhale thanks to @cxc! For more information, click here!

When will be next bonus time?

This post received a 1% upvote from @randowhale thanks to @vysmek! For more information, click here!

Sounds like an idea. But @randowhalebonus does only have around 1K STEEM - lower than mine. My vote is 15 to 20 cents on 100% power. So think before using.

Look again. There is additional SP delegated.

Sorry. My bad!


More like 100k...

That is for @randowhale and not @randowhalebonus. As for as randi whale is concerned he will upvote with any random power upto 2.5% i think and that merely covers your 2 SBD/STEEM. I am talking about the 10% of @randowhalebonus. I think that will merely add 1 to 5 cents to your post

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

The price for @randowhale is 0.5 not 2. And the upvotes are between 1-5%. You should double check the information given to us before you come here and spread misinformation. The rules change all the time to adjust making the service profictable for everyone.


Made 4 transfers, and got only 3 votes.... around an hour ago...

Thank you very much for the bonus. By cons I just bought 40 votes on comments and I had no bonus.

Do you have an issue for that ?

The bonus will never be applied on comments.

Yes now it's marked, but it was not when I bought the 40 votes.

I see. That should have been communicated earlier but shit happens.

i sent you 1 sbd and my meme link and i don't see upvote

i just upvoted your comment

Amazing! Keep up the good work!

I did not got the upvotes from randowhalebonus ....u should have made clarity in your post that the additional bonus is not for comments.....

see because of this my 2.5 sbd gone....and i did not get the additional bonus upvote....

Send him Steem.

Dear @randowhale i have sent 0.5 sbd each for five comments has been 17 mins...but u have not upvoted...may i know the reason....????

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

@randowhale, I'm still waiting for your upvote > 30min ago I sent 0.5SBD

please share chat link where everybody can report issues

UPD: payed thank you!

oh yeah!

Love the work of randowhale bt i dont that much steemit doller that i can ask for help with randowhale bt love it and i will contact randowhale i need help

nice im trying know lets see

thank you so much

Alright I admit it this has got me! I'll be using you shortly, thanks.

wow! love this .

Upvotes not received even after 5 mints of bid. ???

Supeerr and Nice..!!

All Hail the Whale !!

You are the best. thank you.

Sound good!

so nice

I wonder how many randowhale tattoos we'll start to see over the next couple of years...

Is using @randowhale for comments different than using it for posts?

I sent some posts that are six days old but have 13 hours left on them but was refunded due to the posts being six days old?

I'm just trying to make sure I understand what I'm doing wrong.

Thank you very much, @randowhale... very kind of you... 😊
Works fine for me! 👍

Nice initiative @randowhale
I appreciate your effort.

Thank you very much @randowhale!

Appreciated. I used it directly. Thank you randowhale.

@randowhale i dont get this. Can you explain? :) thx :D

Just a heads up. I see the vote from @randowhale but not the @randowhalebonus accout.

But thank you for the vote.

Is it possible the vote was on a comment? If so, @randowhalebonus will not apply. Sorry for not making that clear in the OP.

Thats what it was. Thank for the clarification.

Good stuff.

yeah very nice

that's great!

This sounds like a great idea to me!!
Big up the randowhale x

Hi @randowhale! About 2 houts ago i sent you 0.5 but did not get an upvote from you on this link:
Any reason why?

Thank u (y)

Thank you so much for your support!

Missed this one. :(

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Why is your bonus always around when I'm asleep :(

WAU is beautiful


@randowhale can you check why i didn't get upvote on my newest blog post please?

You got a vote, just no reply due to the comment restrictions and current volume.

Ok i got it thnx!

I am too late :-( now the whale is sleeping :-(

Ok :) gracias

i am expecting a great reward hahaah thanks for the sharing