/end @randowhale

in steemit •  last year

That's right, @randowhale is retiring to a deep, dark trench.  All future submissions will be refunded.

Thank you to all of our supporters and we hope you enjoyed using the service!

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I was waiting to upvote this very comment from someone.


am gonna miss you rando... J. J. Rando ^ . ^


So quitting steemit ? And going for some other crypt ?


why are you closing down :(


Good one! lol :)


I don't know how anyone else could've commented after this, but I will try anyway. You deserve all of the fish, dude haha!

this is sad, randowhale changed STEEM and inspired many future projects


Thank you, friend. It was a fun project!

can we know why?

Farewell Rando! We can't stop here, this is bat country.


Deletes RandoAwake From Chrome Extensions My Queen will sleep through the night now.


I liked that sound, so rando!

Goodbye, @randowhale! We'll miss you!!! Thanks for all the upvotes, it was fun while it lasted. And if I may be blunt - Thank you for helping out this community as much as you did. You helped THOUSANDS of people with this service, and at the same time you gained yourself. What more can you ask for??

Then again, you are probably just going to sleep =) Either way you are awesome my big fishy friend.

Best Regards,
Bishop Corey DeFrancesco

Sad day. I loved this service! Thanks for all you did @randowhale. you were a great boost for a lot of people and I am sure will be missed. Best of luck in the ocean of "The Real World"

Thanks for taking the lead the supporting folks here on Steemit. You were the big net that helped others to bring in good fish. You are appreciated and will be missed. Enjoy yourself.

Do you think a battle against vote-buying bots and services may be just over the horizon?


Doubtful, most of those with enough SP to do anything won't bother.


I wonder what the tipping point is between the opportunity cost of down voting and the perceived investment value loss of the platform rewarding content many in the outside world don't care about. Ultimately, this early in the economic calculus of things, I think external cryptocurrency market forces impact the token value far more than anything else we're all doing here (bot voting, self-voting, crap-content voting, etc). I do think equilibriums will be found and stress-tested over time though.




@lukestokes its already upon us dude


OMG, one of the sadest moments in Doctor History!
That and losing the Ponds.

Well, I am afraid that I remain a bit of a cynic .. but hope that all upvote bots follow this example. We will see a more ethic and fair steemit community. Today was the very last day of my life that I send money to one of this bots..


Wow, you are the first comment that says exactly what I was thinking and you're way too far down the list for my liking. Let's see what I can do about that :-)


Thank you so much! I believed my words and practiced it.. never more used bots from that day..

Is this the final end or just some vacations?
Thanks for helping the community


We'll see if another idea comes to mind...


What happened to the project to end like this? :(


Best to end on a high note. It was a great experiment and was never really intended to be a long-term product here on Steemit.


Lightbulb moment, I think this is incredibly true for most services and solutions in the whole crypto-sphere. These are all great experiments but very few are actually intended to be long-term products. Maybe this could even be true for Steemit itself...

Anyway, a massive thank you for all that Randowhale has contributed to this platform, it sure was awesome!


Maybe xactowhale... thank you for your service always top of my list!

Obi Wan said there's always a bigger fish...but whales aren't fish, and you're a tough one to match. Thanks for all the help, Randowhale. We'll miss ya.


Thank you! Glad to be of service!

Rest well @randowhale, steer clear of Japanese waters, they're about to start their annual harvest and I'd hate to think of you ending up at a Sushi bar (on the menu).

Your service always provided a return well above what any banks could ever dream of.



You're most welcome, and thanks for the advice. I hope the Sea Shepherd crew will watch over us.

You were by far the best run and most rewarding Bot on Steemit, it's very sad to see you go but your legacy I am sure will live on. Every upvote I sent you, I got more back in return and that alone I am thankful for. Keep dabbing on them haterz Bro ;-)


Thank you for your support!

Now look what you've done 😞


Such a jerk, that Rando!

Fairwell randowhale!

You shall be missed. May you rise as the randophoenix one day


This one made me gurgle.

Why? I'm really curious. I had just written an article less than two weeks ago addressing my concerns, but I didn't think it was that bad...


All good things must come to an end.


Very sad to see you go! You have been helping lots of nebies to be able to stand on their feet. I have always enjoyed your service which I think is the best, the fairest, and most friendly to use.

I am quite shocked by this sad news. I hope you will be very successful in all your endeavors.
Good luck.

You see that moon ?
That means Randowhale is being replaced by the @moonbot check out what they are offering.

RIP Rando, I love you :) Your the only whale who voted for me

Thanks for your service.. may I know why the bot retires?

pass the lantern on.. inbox us steemit.chat about selling on your botty script cheers @cnts :}

So long @randowhale, hope you come up with another fun project on Steemit soon. Take care ! :)

Randowhale can be replaced by the @votebank check out what they are offering.

You will be missed!

Does this mean I get my dividends from my 5 SBD investment now? ;)


Check is in the mail.

best of luck rando, fun ride

omg... say it isn't so Joe Dimaggio .... i fear for Steemit

Sad, but glorious end, we all will miss you.

Im going to miss you @randowhale !! I hope your just going to hibernate for a while and return soon ! Sleep well my cute little steemit whale !😞🐋🐋🐋💕💕👍✌🐋

Dammit, I never got to use randowhale. Every time I looked you were asleep, and now your sleep is permanent.

I've been told that this is to help finance your master's attack on minnowbooster, the former friend of minnows like myself, the once best upvote service available in my not so humble opinion. Until very recently, in fact. Now I can't get an upvote from them to save my life but those on their whitelist can pay 100 SBD for one. 100 SBD! What minnow has that sort of money lying around? Did I miss a pile of steem dollars on my porch this morning? Rats, I just realised, I did. I thought it was a steeming pile my dog left.

Hats off to Bernie.

Trust me, I'm a doctor.
Disgusted of New Mexico


Powering Down... then when dry tell us what is really happening behind the scenes :)

Thank you very much!

I'm sad, thank you for all your help :(
We'll miss you!

You were my all time favourite! Will wait whats next. 🐬🐬🐬

Enjoy your rest sir, you deserve it!

why did i find you new

Thank you

We will miss you....

Well... Kinda saw this coming months ago. Using a bot for your service and getting money and now just power down to fill your pockets. That is kinda crappy though.


If I wanted to fill my pockets, I would continue to run the service. What you're saying makes absolutely no sense.

Big thank you whalefriend for supporting community Steemit!

Sorry to see the service retire, it was great while it lasted.

Next Wake-Up: 41:57:12


this is the saddest post i have read today ...
thank you so much for all your support

Thanks @randowhale you made me a very rich man in a very short time. Kudos

R u ever gonna come back?
If yes, when?

Oh no. I never get something of my contribution on contest

Thnks @randowhale you are Great Job Best of luck i miss you love you soo much

I have to say that it is sad to watch you go, but you have done a great service to the steemit community. I wish you the best of luck and thank you for the time you dedicated and the service you committed to your loyal fans. I salute you. Farewell friend

You will be missed Randowhale </3

Thx rando you served me me well in dark times

Thank you for your service!!

Farewell, my friend. Enjoy your next endeavor!

I juuuuust started following you!!! AHHHH! So long and enjoy your next step of the journey.

Calling @originalworks :)
img credz: pixabay.com
Nice, you got a 41.0% @palani upgoat, thanks to @blocktrades
Want a boost? Minnowbooster's got your back!

Randowhale blazed a trail and filled a need for voting power in the community. Others followed, but this was the first. RIP.


I thought it was Whaleshares (the first) and @randowhale a reaction on that originally?

Thank u for everything. It was nice to cooperate with u!

Thank You for all your help! @randowhale Hope to see you back again doing something even better.

Yes indeed

Why has it ended?

What!! Why!?

that makes me sad to see, I hope it is just a longer sleep and not for good.

wow i thought you were one of the good guys !

The end of an era! What will the next project be.....hmmmmmm

Awe ... so long ! Thank you for all you have done !
side by side.gif

Farewell rando. You'll always be my first voting bot on Steemit.

Sad to see, but also thankful for the time @randowhale was available!

Fairwell @randowhale. Only reliable upvoting service I came across!

What will we do without you?? :( Don't leave us please...

I just started your service and you are leaving....oooh so long @randowhale ...but i hope you will come with a new project that will influence steemit community Positively GOODLUCK

nice post

That is sad news indeed. No future plan to come back? or permanent retirement?

R A N D O, I had a lot of fun chasing after you during your long time sleeping period. I learned to do multiple transfer at the same time because of that. Guess what? you gave me at least 3 large bonuses too. Thanks. Please remember to post once in a while OK. cheers

never used your services, but i know they are good. I wonder though, why are you quitting? (i hope it's because you are going to do something better)

Smart guy this Rando. he knows when the end is near and when to take out the money.

Hello and thank you for your service. Without whales, we'd have nobody in the deep Steemit. Have fun in your 'retirement' but no doubt you'll find pastures new. Best wishes JV

RIP, after having done such a nice job. Come back in a different avtar......

Great idea but we need to be on time to time business here @randowhale thanks for this wonderful things.

Your good gestures will be remembered @randowhale. It has been a great service.

Oh well... I've registered my acc not so long ago and someone gave me the rando's link. I was planning to give it a try the other day but not this time i guess. Bye, rando))

Used your service quite a few time, was never disapointed. Thanks for everything!

We'll really miss you

please visit my post

This is the end of an era.

Goodbye randowhale.

Farewell @randowhale, thank you for your service :) you will be missed.

Such a sad day on @Steemit.

Thanks for using..really beatiful! @randowhale

Thank you @randowhale!! You have been everyone's friend!! You will be missed!!

Thanks for all support long time.

You will be MISSED, you crusty old Fart!
I say you look long past retirement anyway,
you will not see ME retiring much past 55!
How much is that in Whale Years, Anyway, Rando Old Boy??? :D

hi steemitian,

why it Randowhale is retiring/going to a deep or dark trench, and what's the reason for got these steps.

Bye @randowhale, you'll be missed.

yes,we are just enjoying this service.

i will miss you rando, thanks above all kindness you!

Good luck on new ventures! @randoboss