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There's no other vote bot out there that provides the same great service as @randowhale, am I right?!

Please do you due diligence when using @randowhale and other bots to ensure you have a full understanding of what you will receive for your hard earned SBD.  Don't be taken by imposters!

Check out @randowhale 101 for everything you need to know!

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Indeed. @randowhale value is strong at the moment! I've pulled together some analysis which demonstrates this:

Great analysis, thank you!

No worries. Glad you like it.

your services are just amazing. please accept an upvote from my side.

This is the best service available
I wonder why people mis-use this service and steal from others? :s

nice information.

thanks for sharing @randowhale

Yes, there are many and I am already highlighting them in hopes that they get permanently banned from Steemit. Thanks for the guide. Keep up the good work. You're an asset for the community.

Steem On!

Thanks for the information, most people wouldn't have noticed. There should be a way to remove these guys or suspend their account

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

You are the best (my loved one) service at Steem, thank you for all!

Thanks for the warning, sir

So sad to know that people do such things. There must be strict punishments for such users. Supporting you @randowhale.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Hi @randowhale I've send you .5 sbd last 6 days ago and still haven't receive any upvote...thanks

There is a vote there - from randowhale1 for 1.6%

All sorted thanks

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Yea Rando)

information thanks

We all know that guy
Screenshot from 2017-09-27 13-21-10.png
Screenshot from 2017-09-27 13-19-02.png


Extraordinary @randowhale I have his extension in Google Grome and helps me a lot to continue growing with you thank you very much and unlimited abundanda with @randowhale

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my friend.
I'm new
I like the idea of increasing my votes
if you can explain
how do i start with this application

i only accept the original !! (-: peace