Resteem for free to my 1300+ followers

in #steemit4 years ago


Hi everyone.

Let's make a deal.
I will not ask for steem or sbd.
let's do it my way. I think how we create a mutually beneficial system.

I will resteem your posts for free to my 1200+ followers.
Put comments contain your post links.

What is the requirement?

  • Follow my account
  • Upvote this post
  • Resteem This post
  • Comment your post link
GOOD LUCK..! Thanks :)

sorry late.
thanks bro.
btw ane juag dari indo bogor cisarua puncak hihihi nyamar jadi tukang resteem :D

haha thanks..

That's a great idea, it's really saver and more appropriate than asking for sbd.
Nice one dude!!

thanks bro :)
hope you all enjoy with this idea :D

This is great! As a newbie can you just explain how do you resteem the post, all the rest I have done. Thanks!

upvoted resteemed you post. Followed you too :)
Check out my post :

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