I am Randiindra. Many Blessings TO YOU! INTRODUCE YOURSELF

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We are the nodes of the net-world.

I bow to each person here as you have insight and teachings that compliment one another. Kennedy said, "Even one person can make a difference, and everyone should try.” This site speaks the language of enthusiasm, and with the likes of physicists, engineers, technologists, artists, caretakers, and those with a real abundance of energy to give, we have what we need to cause positive effectual change!

As we traverse our paths of light over Indra's jeweled net, may we remember our holographic hearts to live in harmony and intentional communication. In Austin Texas, I enjoy putting together stage shows, workshops, and events that are an inspiration and a reminder that everyone is an artist and has value because we are alive!

We have reached an impasse in our world problems because it is negligent ecocide if there is suppressed world improvement. We have data and future plans to redo! It is all very innovative yet attainable! We have the ability to form applications which free people from a lack-mindset by empowering them with systems that allow free trade through a digital token currency.
We have solutions that usurp the old paradigm and gain popularity simply because they flow better. Together, we hold the notion that humans have value aside from the old oil-backed bones. We can stop the lies that keep us afraid of using new technology by showing their use in small increments in grassroots communities of which there are plenty to start seeding.

Thank you for following me on our journey to a world wide energy revoluxion that starts with the heart and flows through dance and our creative systems and into multi-disciplinary art action! We are Art in The Moment, and that Is our band name, too! Please view my paintings and stay tuned to how a Mom of two creates purpose and hope for a better future! For our children's, children's, children! I have the will to change the world with teams of change agents. I welcome your energy and insight. Lets welcome those around us and see how many people on steemit we can help!
Thank you for being willing to watch me, I have so much to say. Thank you for seeing our beautiful planet in the light of care and leadership for all people.


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welcome @Randiindra! great post, i like your passion! Steem on! :)

Happy to hear your voice flowing here. Yes, I agree. Generations of solutions, now reside within us. Keep up the HeART work!

please follow me @thunderbirdman

Awesome to have you on Steemit! The Awarehouse is such a magical space of connection. Thank you for shining your light!

Welcome! Looking forward to your ideas and insights!

Hey you amazing person! You got my upvote, resteem, and follow!
check out my other account @geetinstitute for some awesome energy revolution information. Say hi to @diyscience @offgriddiy @hydroxvlabs and @thesynthesist who are also open/forward thinkers also live in Austin

Hi randiindra , thank you so much for telling me about this site when we were at the space art thing last year. It's taken me awhile to get here because I am not around the internet very often. I have really enjoyed the steemit experience so far . You have some wonderful art and ideas . Peace and love