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Everywhere in the world some bad people. The steemit.com think to protest that bad people and create downvote system. But now a days Downvote use like as gun to murder good profile. Some people intentionally downvote to some good author and try to damage good reputation of those profile.

I have the proof some profile are down their reputation due to downvote without any reason. I am not want to flash their profile. Because we are want to like as friends & family at steemit.

Some important post:

Why we downvote

How to Stop Down Vote Abuse - Upvoting Downvotes

So, please my request not abuse downvote. All are friend here.

Please follow, upvote and resteem my post.


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Here, here! I agree @raihanrahman

Thanks @lucybanks

I have been getting unfairly down voted my trolls. I don't even know what I did or said to cause them to come after me. it gets worse and worse, one of my posts was hidden and I lost the money on that post. Its so disappointing all I wanna do is share my content with the world and I get nothing but hate in return. I am so close to leaving this site, I can't as its my only source of money since I cannot find a job. So I might have to make another account to hide from the trolls.

I say, steemit gets rid of the down vote system all together, people abuse it and don't even down vote content that deserves it.

Great post Lucy

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upvote and resteem my post.

yes, I do

Another good way to reduce this problem is to just get rid of the down vote....
if a post is worth the down vote than that person's post is worth no comment at all
so Rather than down~vote ...

~just give nasty blog posts no comment at all~

People that consistently don't get votes will simply give up and leave the Network...
And if you think that a post has been unfairly down~voted then by all means give that posting an up vote and counterbalance the negative vote.
let's just get rid of the download all together what's say you?

great post


unanswerable post


Nice post