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RE: Why Is There No Easy Way To Delegate SP?

in #steemit6 years ago (edited)

Well I know you mentioned SteemConnect was no help but that seems weird to me, nowadays most users use this service to delegate. Here, try this link by replacing the needed parts with the correct information (delegatee and amount):


Yeah, I don't know what's wrong, but SteemConnect just isn't working for me. When I go to the website it just asks me to sign up, there's no log in button, when I managed to get to my dashboard it's empty save for two sections dealing with apps and app development.

Anyway, that ghetto ass workaround of changing the details of that link worked, so thank you very much.

Weird. As for the dashboard, it's supposed to only show those two sections. For generating links such as the delegation one, you have to go there

I have no clue why it isn't accessible from the dashboard though, I'm not even sure it is accessible from anywhere on the website... Anyway, I'm glad the link worked !

I vaguely remember SteemConnect having more to it than that... maybe I'm just mistaking it for some other external application that is required to make Steemit function properly, haha.

Thanks for the help.

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