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Its almost Christmas and before Christmas starts officially in an hour, I would just like to thank all of the people who supported me throughout my first month of being a member of the SteemIt Family!

Yeheeeeeey! Much love to you guys! <3 :D


A lot of opportunities and upgrades came to me this year so I guess that it is safe to say that I have been fortunate this year. But the opportunity that I really appreciate the most is being a member of SteemIt family. I could see a good future here on SteemIt even though this is only online. But come to think of it, SteemIt can already provide whatever you need as long as you persevere and perseverance here in SteemIt is what I will really do.

Since my journey here on SteemIt, there are few people that I would really like to thank for guiding me on how to establish myself here. But I could only thank one person the most because he is the one who introduced me to SteemIt and helped me all the way here. He is really a great person and I could only imagine how many other people he has helped without needing anything back or asking for an exchange.

And that person would be @jassennessaj. :)

Please tell him how grateful I am because my first cash out still got me Christmas Gifts for my Grand Parents. And I'm sure that he knows how important my grandparents are to me. It was priceless to see them smile and their smiles are because of your help @jassennessaj. Thank you again for introducing me to SteemIt.

God Bless you and Merry Christmas @jassennessaj! :D

And to those people who helped me through my journey here on SteemIt. Thank you and Merry Christmas to you and may your tables be filled with delicious food!


And to you who are reading this post, Thank you for reading this. Simple as reading this post is already helping me so I thank you as well for the support! Merry Christmas to you guys! :D

Enjoy your Christmas Eve! Have a great one! :D



Merry christmas!

Merry Christmas as well, @tpkidkai! :D

Hahaha. No problem @rafael.espina. Thanks for this. Damn, so touching bro!!

Basta from the heart, touching jud @jassennessaj. Haha! :D

Merry Christmas raf!

Merry Christmas! Hehe! :D