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RE: Announcing Project Curie: Bringing Rewards and Recognition to Steemit’s Undiscovered and Emerging Authors

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Good initiative on this. Beyond the financial rewards, I feel that "Leave comments" is the best advice you could give out. Some of us are typing our fingers to the bone and loving every minute of it, but without comments and feedback it's almost akin to shouting your story in the street while people walking by put change in your cup. It's of course appreciated, but writers need feedback and constructive criticism. Most of us have a million subjects to write about but would pick those subjects that develop community dialogue. I hope you guys make it a point to promote the undiscovered talent while also nurturing that budding author with honest feedback.

Humpy hap Day


YES! Leaving comments is so important. And you're right that they don't have to be all-positive; they can offer constructive feedback, too. Many of us use the channel to find and network with authors who need help and can use some mentoring support.

To date, the most effective comment I've ever received on my writing was from @razvanelulmarin who left a note on one of my articles. We went on to have a little back and forth about what missed the mark for him in that particular article (lack of centered images, not enough markdown for natural emphasis and stops). He enjoyed the content, thankfully.

Steemit becomes such a place of growth when the above happens.

After that conversation, I tried to level up my skills where they seemed deficient, I enjoyed and met new people with interesting things to say, I wrote a ton for Steem Survivors in collaboration with some brilliant dudes, doing SOT now, and there's been an increase in followers that I hadn't expected.

I did none of that alone. Don't forget to help integrate them into this community, because this one is infinitely more welcoming to those with original ideas. I'd argue that like in life, money usually takes a backseat to exposure, experience and collaboration.... Give a blogger a dollar, you feed them for a meal. Teach a blogger how to Steemit, you make hundreds (maybe thousands) of people happier with some financial rewards as a side effect. Best of luck, you have my energy.

oh wow! high praise man! s
I can tell you that my comments are hit and miss though, some people think that if I give them advice or suggest changes, I'm being an asshole and someone even called me " passive-aggresive"....
Thank you so much. This really means a lot to me!!

You're a legend @razvanelulmarin!

I wish you could also give such comments in my content. Im not a writer and I really long on improving my piece.

SUPER!! I'll check it out and leave my feedback. Anyone else wants in please reply to my comment.

Hi there, @razvanelulmarin. I'm new to Steemit, around 2 weeks. Even though I'm the author of 7 books and been featured on PBS NewsHour and PBS, I'm having a hard time finding my audience, here. Any feedback is appreciated brother! Cheers, Yahia

hey @razvanelulmarin, i just wanted to introduce myself in this comment to you.
I have a good feeling that the Steemit community will be some very good friends. I have been reading and following much of what has been going on here and my heart keeps pointing me to where I go next and so I' am here to say hello. I want to help create a world of abundance 4 everyone. To encourage each and every person to live each day, with passion and purpose, guided by faith. I also love things that go fast. It's just who I am. I believe in a higher purpose. A higher calling that is much bigger than us all. We are all in this together.

I was reading @dantheman 's post earlier about "Why We Fight" and just couldn't help myself but know that I've found a great community of change-makers!

  • I've seen your influence on this community. awesome! awesome!

ohh, I love exercise, I love music, I love eating cereal!, I love nature, and my favorite color is red. (and, I think I just broke parallel structure in that last sentence and that's okay too :*) It's just who I am.

I love numbers. Entrepreneurship (exponential entrepreneurship). The first video I posted to Steemit talks a little bit about this (Fastest Growing Company) - don't know if it has any views yet, as I haven't really shared who I am, what is my vision, and what I want to do with many others up to this point as it's taken me much time to finally decide and clarify who I am and what I want to do. It's not about me, it's about us...all of us. I want to help others. How do we help and how do we know that we are actually helping. I want to see the world smile. I want to do so much.

I love to laugh and have fun with basically everything and I want to share this love for life with others.

It's all about the "why". Why do we do what we do?

It's 2:20am EST and I'm getting tired so I'm going to probably eat a bowl of cereal and then get some rest. I love cereal, did I mention that? hehe

Anyways, I just wanted to say 'hi' and thank you and so many of the others that are moving the ball forward each and every day!


"There must be a God" :)

@razvanelulmarin, keep up the great work. I don't even know you, but I believe that you're heart is in the right place from what I do know of you. Follow your heart! (share your passion with the world, you're awesome)

I'm not sure I get what the big deal is about centering images. They look fine to me left aligned. Does it really appear that much better centres?

It looks unbalanced to me and distracts me from the article. It would be equally acceptable if the image wasn't scaled and allowed to be the same width as the text.

I center my images, but there should be more sizing options (entering an issue on github. It defenitly feels different when you can fill the screen with an image or have a wide picture.

Have you got a good link for the coding required for centring and sizing options?

@jonno-katz, I can't reply to your comment.

Use the CENTER HTML tags. I haven't been able to successfully resize an image yet.

I totally understand. I do DAILY drawing tutorials and always urge people to try some exercises and post... so far no takers :/

I just discovered your work after reading your comment. I loved the koi sketch!

Right, comments could be an avenue for improvements which every author is willing to take.

Indeed, feedback and comments are absolutely crucial. :) This is where the community comes in.

Yeah. Another good thing that the comments do is that the post they are made for stays in the active longer, which gives it more exposure. Its like boosting, but free!