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RE: 🍒🍒🍒Cherries...A sweet small story 🍒🍒🍒

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This is really awesome my friend.

Once you have plans fixed to come to Mauritius, just keep me in the loop. I'll make things easier for you over here. 😉😉😉

Oh my first 100s of hbar
Will try buy more once i can.

And yes, i won't hang on too much here on steemit, i feel very negative energy in this place. It's no more the good old days.
I prefer share my work and knowledge on hive. Hope to see you there, normally you have an acc mirrored there👍👍👍



Very good Chef! Consider Hbar like you just bought Bitcoin for 40 cents. (Legacy for your kids.)
I wasn’t kidding about the twister winds and rain...
We will see this through the middle of the USA, this Summer. If you’ve been putting off any rain related repairs to your structures’ roofs or general drainage away from your house, take care of what you can...I’m seeing lots of rain and heavy winds.
I don’t know anything about HIVE or an acc mirrored there...will investigate. ;)

Hi, remember me?😁

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