Inequality among STEEMers. Why we ought to stop being greedy?

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Hello friends! Some time ago I decided to stop writing posts. It seemed to me that STEEMIT like a big room in which all participants talk at the same time.

It seemed to me that each author comes in and starts the conversation from the door. And pays no attention to what is happening in the room.I decided to keep silent. I decided to listen to others. 

My God, how much interesting is going on here!

 All these days I keep thinking and talking about STEEMIT. 

 I'm talking about it with my friends. I discuss this with my wife. And I'm trying to listen carefully to what people write here.

Flea market of opinions

 Brazen huckster trying to sell stolen news and articles. 

At the same time, someone feels that he is in the warm circle of friends.These lucky people are keeping  a nice sincere talk.

Someone climbed to the podium. Someone hates those who climbed to the podium. Overall, every moment people create a truly rich life. And what? I'm now part of this process?


 I am very inspired from reading posts written by @the-alien.

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 But most of all I was inspired by an interview with Ned Scott

Our primary goal is to bring good people to the platform and continue to build a more and more positive online community.

Similar to how Bitcoin has been a movement for more than six years and Ethereum has become a movement for developers and institutions, we believe Steem can become a movement for the regular person. Steem represents a very low barrier to entry for anyone with an internet connection to earn cryptocurrency, and through outreach, networking and education, our goal is to bring as many good people to movement as we can.


To my surprise, I discovered that the main value of the project in the relationship.

The project gives each of us the opportunity to change our attitude to values.

 All who have received support from STEEMIT can now overcome their financial difficulties. 

 Now they can choose:  To be big or small 

To be big 

You can being greedy. When you have won something. When others are praised and recognized your merits. When fortune smiled on you. So easy to start to think you're BIG. But lightning always strikes the highest tree!

This feeling inevitably ends in disappointment. Something  small can not meet the increased needs of BIG man.

This is obvious logic. The more I get, the harder it is for me to stay satisfied.

To be small

 You can stop being greedy.  Today I read an article that inspired me to create this post. It is written by @joseph

 It has changed my perception of STEEMIT.

And this post, written by @guerrint direct evidence that the concept works.


Greed that makes us fight over scarce resources.  My feelings were very precisely expressed by @cass in his    

Fungraphic "Fishing"

Fisherman forced to sit with a fishing rod, because otherwise he will be hungry or even die. This mentality of deficiency.  It is the root of greed. Our fear that we will die because of a lack of something. 

 Inequality is always a story about power 

Why the universe gives us the power (or freedom, or money, or opportunity)? 

What would we have used it for the benefit of others. If we assign the fruits of power, we will lose it.

Steemit  is a brand new space for the transformation of our consciousness. More precisely the subconscious. Because our emotions of fear and greed are living there.

Perhaps we stand on the threshold of the great leap forward the Evolution of our consciousness.

Reasonable people understand that greed is a dead end. Generosity and mutual aid is the only solution for mankind.

Inequality is the whole history of Universe

The universe is always moving . The universe always strives for balance. Inequality is a natural reflection of this process. 

  • Why one man is born in a rich family, and another person poor?
  • Why is one person talented and another person has no talent?
  •  Why one man has thousands of STEEM POWER and the other person only a few? 

 Someone will say it's karma. 


But what is it?  The consequences of our actions. Of our choice. This is the level of our consciousness. It allows us to see the world to a certain extent.

For example 2 man: the businessman and the employee 


A businessman sees how to create a business system. He understands how to connect the elements of the world and produce value. He sees all stakeholders and understands their interest. Therefore his business system is sustainable.

The employee does not see these linkages. He may not appreciate the labor and responsibility of a businessman. So he thinks that his exploit.

 They have different karma, different vision of the world. 


Now I see a lot of poor (I mean the mentality)  that come here in the hope of easy money.

 They only want to consume. Rich people tend to charity. Their prefers to give.  



Auther reward.  It gives everyone the opportunity to experience the richness and success.  And to make a choice. 

Here have grown the first generation of rich, successful people.  They got their power and capabilities from other rich successful people. Now they can help other people along the way. 

 It's simple! Each new member of a healthy community needs to prove that he is not a beggar and not a liar. He came to give something. But not just as a consumer. 

We all, I mean the STEEMIT community, are the participants of the experiment. We create a new model of human community. Consumers are almost destroyed the world. Restoring the balance is the destiny of the coming generations. And we are in the forefront.

Thank YOU, guys!

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Great post! Steemit incentivizes people to transform from consumers into producers!

It sure does, we're all gona be producers. I wonder who is gonna consume all this stuff produced.
Didn't cotton plantations do the same thing? Transform native Africans to cotton producers?

Please explain your point of view. If we are talking about slavery, where is the violent coercion? A man may write or may not write.

Steemit should increase productivity benifiting everyone. It's the way it's distributed, it seems that the rich will get richer. Basically it's how steep this pyramid is.

Yes. So. This is way out of my comfort zone. That's why it is easier for us to resist and to blame the circumstances.

Yes, and this path is full of fundamental problems. People will be more likely to cheat and adapt. Not all of us can change our inner world.

I love this article so much It's great and so realistic!

Thanks for the support.

I looked through your posts. You are so amazing!

love this post i will be featuring it today

Cool, thanks!

Very grateful to you for your support!

Thank you and good luck!!!

Same to you! Thanks.

Yes, I encourage everyone to create and consume rather than only consumer.

The label "consumer" has been widely accepted by people who then become unhappy and discontent with the emptiness.

To be more fulfilled, try creating and adding value to the world around you.


Absolutely right! Disappointment is a sign of inner emptiness. If a person has something to say - the act of creation is his reward.

Great post. I really like your analogy about the businessman and the employee.

Thank you. I have understood the divergent views of these two categories of people when I started to build my own business system. People with a small number of possibilities, unfortunately, always jealous of the wealth. Wealth means responsibility. Every steemer have a chance to become a rich man. But who is ready for richness? This is a good question.