I stuffed up...

in #steemit3 years ago

I have to tell this tale, for I am unsure how long I will be able to continue posting under this account, or what will happen next.

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I made a BIG mistake.... I posted my master password on discord, instead of a link I was trying to paste. As soon as I realised my error, I jumped into my wallet and changed my password. In my hastiness to change my password, I overwrote my new password with my old one, therefore leaving me with no way to access my Steemit account.

I've been reading posts about people losing their accounts after losing their password. I have started the account recovery process, hoping that because I know a password, that perhaps the account can be rolled back to the change of password, or something.

At the moment, the Steem Connect apps like busy are still working, so I can write posts, upvote & comment. But I can't access my wallet, or change or access my master password! So I may lose everything after the lost password event, which is fine by me... It would be nice to have access to the Steem Power I have sitting in my account!

I've seen that other people have had some luck by their browser remembering their password, but in my wisdom of keeping things secure I told chrome to never remember my Steemit password. Brilliant! I've been through lines of code in the cookies, and html of historical pages hoping it was kept somewhere but to no avail.

So I am at the mercy of the Steemit support Gods, hoping my account can be recovered. I don't know what else to do but keep calm & carry on at this stage, hoping for the best.

It's not like Steemit doesn't give enough warnings about keeping your password safe.... Just in my panic I didn't think things through properly. I guess the good thing is nobody stole any of my funds after I published my master password publicly, since I was quick to realise and act....Though they may be sitting there for all eternity, unable to be transacted.

I did a quick search through some upvote bots on discord, and some other passwords had been posted there as well. So I took some solace in the fact that I'm not the only silly person to do this!

So hopefully I have a positive outcome, for a positive ninja. If not, I'll need to come up with Plan B and perhaps start again. It's been nice knowing you all, and thanks for the fish!


Oh man! that must make you fell sick!! Hope you get your account recovery done successfully.

I did feel sick! And then like an idiot... and then I accepted it.... hopefully it all works out.

There is a lesson in everything, hopefully this isn't a hard lesson....

'Tis true. I shall take much more care with my passwords from this day forth!

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