A letter to an older brother: Come and take

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Greetings to you, my dear and generous elder brother Steemit!

I beg you for help: come and seize our territory GOLOS, we will hold a referendum later. You and your assets are worth nothing. The entire infrastructure, including the expensive bridge on bittrex, has already been built. No extra expenses, so far, are foreseen. As they say, buy a controlling stake of tokens, and conquer.

Only act must be firm and decisive! Otherwise, our illegitimate government does not want to take positions, and God forbid, they will begin to buy tokens on the exchange.

In our ancient history there was already an attempt to capture, but unfortunately it failed.

A hot Norwegian guy @fyrstikken came across our lands with his squire @inertia and some kind of journalist. They came with good intentions (this was their mistake), distributed free up-and-down letters to everyone without exception, unlike our top authorities. The people were happy, everything was fine! The price of the token surely went up.

Only our ever-changing "kings" did not like it. You can not give a mere mortal to get rich, because then he will not be manageable. It was decided to drive out @fyrstikken and continue the dive to the very bottom, where we safely reached. We are periodically knocked from below, hinting that we can plunge even lower, but we are driving away these foul thoughts and trying to gain a foothold at this level.

I want to boast that on our lands, to the general surprise of investors, there are very favorable conditions for doing business. You probably do not know, but we now have installed 75% of curators. There is no need for all sorts of boosters and other services for the sale of upstream (although they are in abundance). Just set up a bot or vote for 40 posts per day and get a 75% refund.

All our numerous and highly developed people are looking forward to your invasion. If we are quite honest, then, not so much of us, and not all are highly developed, the most highly developed are piled up from here.

Waiting for an answer, like a nightingale of summer!

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